Because sometimes people are the reason why we do not do something we want to do or wear something we want to wear.

Because social media extended our horizons to millions more people but also made it easier to hide behind a screen to become a bully or just a plain mean girl.


Today, in front of all of you guys, I pledge to say something nice. Today and everyday on social medias, to strangers, just because a nice word can change someone’s day as well as yours. Let’s not forget Real Life and people you see everyday and do not talk to on your commute.

This girl who’s daring it all even though people look at her funny each and every day. Say something nice to her. This little girl that feels like somehow she doesn’t fit because she looks a bit different…Say something nice to her too since you may change her day but maybe also her Life…

Take a look at all of us making a statement hoping for you to follow us into this kind process! I am also loving the diversity in here, I must say ! It’s all LOVE !


#SaySomethingNice campaign means that together, we can help fashion and social media become a place that encourages women to spread compliments instead of judgement. So are you gonna be joining me in making Fashion and Social Medias a better place or are you just going to stay here judging this post ? Put your superwoman suit on and say something nice to another woman today. Feel the magic… <3


Xoxo, Clem


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