Clem Picks: Chantelle, French Lingerie


Bonjour Sexy,


Last September I got fitted at Chantelle for my What’s Underneath Project … My everything was changed ! My posture, my clothing options and just the way I felt as a woman. Fitting should be done as part of a girl’s education if you ask me. And re-experienced often …


I was aware of Chantelle for years. Being French the brand is a basic for nice quality undies and I already own a few given by my mum or bought when back in France. I LOVE that they use the healthy Robyn Lawley as one of their Ad models… Promoting diversity and self love as a brand is an Amazing thing to do and for that I give them all my support !

The brand sent me some of their new models and I am obsessed !

The High Impact Multi-Way Sports Bra 


I love the seam that just makes it even cuter if you opt for quite transparent outfit … Keep it sexy 😉


It’s made of two different fabrics, allowing both support and ample space needed

IMG_6597 IMG_6604

Very strong straps to keep even the fullest busts feel perfectly maintained during intense workouts

IMG_6561 IMG_6564

The Superbe Plunge Underwire Bra 


This sexy piece is my favorite one. The color is nice deep purple and the shape allows a sexy yet tight support


The straps seemed skinny for my size (36F) but I ended up keeping it on all day and it made me stand straighter and walk prouder …


The C Naturel Unlined Underwire Bra 


In my field we call this a “work bra” which defines a not cute looking skin color bra …


But the C Naturel is a beautiful piece. Not only it gives me the support and the seamless look i need for work but also still makes me feel hot and very feminine …


The delicate fabric holds my curves tight and soft


The straps are the best. Large and very supportive.. Parfait !

Find more of Chantelle’s French Lingerie online or at your local distributor.

Photography and modeling by Kirby Cernosek and Clementine Desseaux.

Xoxo, Clem




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