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Today BonjourClem meets Aubrie Pagano, Founder and CEO of Bow&Drape , an innovative brand for women who crave custom Fashion and a personalized closet ! Welcome to the World of Aubrie, a smart, ambitious, creative and inspiring individual !

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Clem : What’s your story ? Why and how did you come up with Bow&Drape ?

Aubrie: The motivation for Bow & Drape came from a personal frustration – I had to find a dress for a wedding and couldn’t find anything off the rack that truly represented my style. I ended up designing and sewing a dress myself and felt great wearing something I knew was totally unique to me. I want every woman to feel that sense of satisfaction by building garments true to their taste, that can act as a centerpiece for their outfit.

C : What is your inspiration as a designer ? 

A : My surroundings. New York is so full of energy and life. I love it. It’s a live Instagram feed.

C : What was your dream as a little Aubrie ? How do you feel about it now ? 

A : When I was a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer. My first clothing line was called Bubble B clothing; it was so cute and girly. I think today I am most excited about building things creatively, and I don’t think that is just limited to fashion for the rest of my life but it’s a great place to start.

C : What was your vision when you first started Bow&Drape ? what is it now ? 

A : To allow women to feel more connected to their clothes, so that they see a piece of themselves in their fashion and can feel more gorgeous because of it

C : Why the name Bow&Drape ? 

A : The name reminded me of a Saville Row tailoring shop, and I wanted to harken back to that tradition of custom-made for the individual.

C : A word for all the entrepreneurs-to-be reading ? 

A : Don’t be afraid to do it. And keep at it – dreams don’t come true overnight so be persistent. Many people get stuck when they get pushback from other people on their idea or hear a “no” from a potential partner, or they start getting anxious about all the unknowns. If you have a solid plan and clear goals, don’t be afraid to fail! You will come out the other side more capable and better equipped for the next opportunity. Keep going. Be fearless.

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