Clem Goes : TARTINE, Greenwich Village


Brunch chez Tartine, Greenwich Village…



Sunday morning 11.40am.

Mon Cheri and my Mummy had just met the day before and, thank God, everything was going fine! One thing they both love is swimming. I decided to take them to my favorite swim spot, Equinox in West Village. Before burning calories, French people fill themselves UP with calories… Oh Oui!

Sunday 11.50am.

I pulled-up YELP (official belly friendly app), and found someplace called Tartine. As usual, I started complaining– why would French people always go eat in a Frenchy place?!? Anyways, the menu was pleasing all of us so we went for it!

Sunday 12.05pm

We arrived and the line was a bit long. One of the servers announced 20 to 25 minutes wait. It didn’t really matter because Mum spotted some Eggs Benedict’s on the menu. There was no way we could go somewhere else now! 15 minutes and a bunch of selfies later, we got into this typical, adorably crowded little cafe. Mum and I are size 14, Cheri is 6’3. We barely fitted around the tiny table made for two next to the yummy window where perfectly French-looking pastries were displayed.

Sunday 12.15pm.

I am usually disappointed in so called “French” places. Nothing ever tastes like it should, and it’s always WAY overpriced. Looking at the display window full of croissants, tartes, and other eclairs au chocolat… I thought it looked too perfect to actually be good. The non fresh-squeezed OJ comforted me in my fears of another disappointment.

A nice young woman came to us and took our order. As usual I couldn’t decide, made her wait while I was thinking, and had her come back cause I changed my mind… That’s just me! She was adorable, fast, and discrete. Perfect.

The “Prix-Fixe” brunch comes with coffee or tea and OJ. We got the Omelette, the French Toast, and the Eggs Benedict.

Sunday 12.30pm.

The first bite changed my opinion on French restaurants in NYC! I was happy. My smile was getting so big I had to pose for a few seconds and just enjoy the melody playing inside my mouth (seen Ratatouille?). I wanted to do my Happy dance– the one I do when I am very very satisfied… (video of the now famous Happy dance coming soon…). But the place was way too small; I could barely grab my fork for the next bite! The Hollandaise sauce could have had a tiny bit more lemon according to Mum…But really it was because we needed something to say…French people rarely admit anything is perfect. “La perfection n’existe pas” !

Sunday 1pm.

I asked for the check and got it within the next minute with a gentle smile. I wanted to try every pastry sitting next to me in the display but my belly couldn’t take it. Especially when you keep in mind we are going swimming. Long story short, we spent more time in the Spa than in the pool. Way too heavy to even float!


Verdict? Tartine is an awesome tiny cafe in the heart of my favorite neighborhood in NYC, owned for more than 20 years by Chef Thierry Rochard. In the Summer, the terrace must feel amazing. I cannot wait to try their lunch and dinner menu, as well as all their pastries. Beware, you’ll hear about them again soon, I am hooked!

Best thing? Tartine’s older sister, Juliette is located in Williamsburg and has an awesome rooftop for yummy French treats in the sun. Can’t wait to take my Willy-based friend @lilycummings there!

Bon Apetit!

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