Clem Cooks : Twist on the French Barre Bretonne


Bonjour Sweet Tooth,


When I get bored or frustrated for no reasons, I just get my cooking on… That day I got bored and I came up with the idea of a simple cake, just to have something sweet to snack on … I planned on making a “Barre Bretonne” which is a simple cake made with only Flour + Butter + Sugar + Eggs.

As I went thru my fridge and found some new ingredients, the recipe changed a bit and became a little more creative. I replaced flour for coconut flour (GlutenFree) and added some lime zest , coconut flakes and vanilla in the mix … Watch !



Eggs – 4 / Coconut Flour – 2 cups / Sugar – 2 cups / Butter – 2 sticks / Baking Powder – 1 spoon / Lime – 1/2 juice + zest / Vanilla extract – 4 drops / Coconut Flakes – 1 handfull / Coconut oil – cover the pan.

Prep. Time : 10-15 mns / Cooking time : 35mns at 360*



1/ Mix Coconut Flour and Sugar together in a big bowl. Add melted butter and eggs. Mix until perfectly smooth.

2/ Add the Vanilla, Coconut Flakes and Lime. Mix well.

3/ Spray the cake pan with coconut oil (any form of coconut oil). Pour mixture in the pan.

4/ Put in the oven at 360* for about 25-35 mns.

5/ Let it cool down a few minutes and enjoy.



miniclemJust dip your knife in the cake to know when its ready to get out of the oven. When the knife comes back perfectly dry, it’s done.

miniclemThe original recipe is called Barre Bretonne. Just an equal weight of all Eggs/Flour and Sugar and butter. That’s all. Look it up it’s just as amazing !

miniclemI went Tropical Storm on this cake since that’s what I had that night but you also could have gone any other direction like Cinnamon and brown sugar instead of the originals or even grounded mint and lime for a Mojito cake … Plenty of options, don’t be shy !

miniclemThis basic mix is so easy, it pains me to know most Americans buy packets of cake mix … Really ?








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