Clem Cooks : Sweet Turkey Stuffing


Bonjour Turkey Lovers,


During this Blizzard, I spend my days cooking, taking pictures of my Cuisine and then writing about it…This new recipe came across very spontaneously… Here’s how …

I was disappointed by Meatballs last week in a French Restaurant in NYC. I decided I would make some.

I dropped a box of blueberries on the floor as I woke up… Picked them up, washed them. Thought i would use them too.

I just bought 1lb of raisins for my morning Oats but really who needs that much… so I am putting them everywhere

I spotted a rest of Tuscan Kale at the bottom of the fridge … This bad boy needed to go !





Ingredients for 1lb of Grounded Turkey Stuffing

Eggs -2 / Turkey – 1lb / Blueberries – 1/2 Cup / Dry Plums – 5pc / Raisins – 1 handful / Sunflower seeds – 1 handful / Fresh garlic – 2 cloves / Salt / Black pepper / Crushed red peppers / Dry basil / Dry sage /

Prep time : 15mns


1/ Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and squash them together with a fork to make sure they mix well.

2/ Cover and leave in the fridge for 1h to 1 day before using it.

3/ Possibilities are endless. Check what I made with it Meat Balls Lasagnas & Stuffed Portobellos




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