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I am not a great products user. I tried to be a good girl and do like Cosmo’ says : day cream, night cream, body cream, etc … I failed. Dramatically. Not only am I not very disciplined but I also hate putting stuffs on my skin that are not meant to be there. All those creams and miracle solutions against aging and dry/oily skin are just a big Marketing strategy to me.

But still, I am not perfect and I do want a softer body for my Cheri to kiss and softer feet cause they get really dry with hot weather.

I met this Shea Butter Importer a few weeks ago in NYC and I got the Raw Shea Butter as well as the Soap. After one use of the Soap under the shower, I was silky smooth and after two days using the Raw Shea Butter on my feet before bed, they were soft, not hitchy or dry anymore ! The butter is really thick and not very easy to apply, you gotta work a bit by rubbing it in your hands so it gets warmer and softer. It takes about 5mns to apply on the full body but WOW it’s so worth it…

Here are a few symptoms that the use of Raw Shea Butter helps dramatically  :

Learn more about Shea Butter here : 


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