Clem Backstage : What’s Underneath Project


As a model I usually get to showcase my Curves and Style. This time it was different. Thru a physical strip-tease for @StylelikeU , it’s really my mind that I openned to you hoping you would see the message behind the body.

When they first came to me, explaining the project, i was not sure I wanted to take my clothes off…Again. I feel like Plus Size Models are often confronted with this problematic. Yes, you get asked to participate in “cool” projects but really, only if you take your clothes off … I am a bit tired of that in the Industry and I’d much rather have my face on a cover than my bare butt…


After minutes on the phone with @StylelikeU I quickly realized this was such a different project and aspiration. I became more aware of how many people and lives i could touch with that feature. Plus, de concept of stripping your body as you strip your mind was very interesting and unique… So I went for it ! And I am so glad I did. I saw the love it got on the Web and I am already talking to some ladies One on One to help them going thru body image issues …

Today was a good day. Thank you #StyleLikeU !




faveicon Lingerie Set by Chantelle

faveicon Hat by Barbara Feinman 

faveicon Jeans by Current Eliot, The Fling

faveicon Sweater and shoes by J.Crew 

faveicon Necklace by H&M 

faveicon Blazer by Vintage Christian Dior

faveicon Frames by Traction Production



Xoxo, Clem




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