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My name is Baillie Riddell, alias: Christina Aguilera and Billy (both were unfortunately the result of my lack of sobriety, sorry). I was born about 20 years ago (Well don’t expect me to tell you if this is my “model age” or my real age!) My parents are Sonny, “jackie” of all trades, and no not the Sonny from Sonny and Cher, and Hugh, workaholic pilot for Air Canada. My family is pretty freakin’ love crazy and diverse and sometimes I wish my friends didn’t know how much I share with my mother (it’s not just one-sided sharing either, whoops!). But standing out in a crowd, or atleast the grocery store, is so major in my life. I live somewhere between the Northern and Western Hemispheres, I hope that narrows it down for ya. Sometimes I should keep it more realistic, but what fun would that be? 

I looove the smell of a bonfire at night in the summer, as well as sitting around in my sweatpants (obviously) outside at just the right temperature all night with the most perfectly imperfect people. Also, I must admit I absolutely have a classic white-girl crush on Stanley Tucci.  

I would describe myself as being an eccentric nutcase to such an extent that I refuse to behave in any normal capacity, as long as there is a friendly audience. My friends say I am more of sexual advocate, in the most humorous of imaginings, whereas my family thinks I am all over the map! I have secrets… But one I can share with you is that I am completely anal retentive, in the best way. My school time is pretty rough, who am I kidding, I have the best schedule, but I am still the master of procrastination. Now I feel that taking on other ventures during school will hopefully cure me of my ways…hopefully.

I started as a french horn player in elementary school. Now, I have a bunch of different activities including modeling, singing, eating, acting, archaeology, and eating again. My favorite one trying out healthy and dairy-free recipes at home, even though it’s definitely not the most lucrative! I do what I love and love what I do. Sometimes I feel like I take on too much at once. It’s not always idle being me. I recently traveled to London, England and Hamburg, Germany for modeling. Traveling for modeling is one of the most bizarre and crazy-amazing experiences. My favorite and most memorable time was meeting CLEM, finding the best peanut butter spring roll sauce, picking out all the Frenchies in London and laughing uncontrollably at my lack of alcohol tolerance. I will never forget that!

As a model, my career started with trying to apply as an intern with my mother agency. My dream was to convince myself that the fashion industry was flawed and that I shouldn’t fall in love with it, but I guess that didn’t really work out. Modeling taught me that your body is your business (thanks Dayna!) as well as to truly be your weird self with people, because nobody likes to work with a mannequin. If this hadn’t chosen me, I would finish my honours degree in anthropology (which is still the plan) and eventually work the fields of archaeology. I have absolutely no desire to do this any other way but crazy. This industry is breathtaking, and I believe it will continue to grow (into all shapes and sizes!). 

I met @BonjourClem for the first time at a London casting, and I knew I had no chance with those Angelina Jolie lips of hers. I instantly thought she was classically French and intimidating. Then, later on I thought I could totally have a non-lesbian crush on her, she makes me pee from laughing so hard. I really feel so privileged and slightly shocked about being interviewed for This interview is really innovative and so much easier to write than I thought (phew) and I totally luvvv this!



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