Clem GOES : Williamsburg with Chloe !


Bonjour !


My friend Chloe Francois, a French model, is in town for a month! I’ll be taking her on most of my adventures for This is a great way for her to discover the city and for me to play tour guide.

Saturday was the first real Spring day of the week in NYC so I decided to take Mademoiselle Francois to my fave Flea place in hipster Williamsburg, alias, Willy. What a day for an outdoor photo reportage 😉 My camera was ready and this time I did not forget to put the battery back in!

After an adventurous ride between the R and the G trains, Chloe and I got off at Metroplitan Ave. We stopped by one of my fave shops, Pork Pie Hatters , at the corner of Metroplitan and Marcy! I love hats (take a look at my Hats board on Pinterest!) , and Chloe does too. We tried them all on, but the kaki one Chloe tried was so special and cute; it was my fave on her.

We then headed to Juliette, the sister restaurant to Tartine (read my post about Tartine in Greenwhich Village) ! I have wanted to go there for a while now and was not disappointed. Besides the way-to-important number of Frenchies around, the food and atmosphere were on point– fresh, organic based food and tasty lemonade. Plus, we were supposed to wait 24mns for a table inside, and we ended up only waiting 5mns for an outside table. We had a blast– sunny day and fancy food… The Organic Cheesy grits are heaven!

At about 4pm we finally headed to our destination of the day, the Brooklyn Flea Market and SMORGASBURG ! On our way there we stopped by Lavai Maria on N 5th St where Chloe found a pair of dope sunnies. I loved a powder-pink jumper, as well as most of their selection! Only bad point: my butt probably wouldn’t fit in any of the bottoms there… but hey … nobody’s perfect!

The SMORGASBURG Saturday Flea by the water is my fave, mainly because of the amazing food options. Even though we had just ate, the smell of fresh wings and other Thai cuisines were divine… The excitement reached me! That sunny day brought the coolest crowd out, and it was pure eye candy. Willy hipsters are hilarious and trendy; I love them. We grabbed some desert and more lemonade, and then we sat on the grass, as it is tradition to do so. The view of the city is perfect there…and a 1 bedroom with that same view goes for about $5,000/month! AHHHHhhh WILLIAMSBURG !

On the way back home we stoped at Rosarito, one of the very first places I ever went to in Brooklyn. Lily Cummings took me there to introduce me to Georgia Pratt way before I moved to Brooklyn… nice memories there! Try the Pescado Taco, the Ceviche, the fries, and for desert the Tres Leches… very yummy. Their Sangria is also a must, white or red!


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