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Dear #BossBabes,


I met Maggie about 2 years ago for Business purposes. I remember this sunny day we had lunch at a cool South Beach Hotel and it felt like we kind of always knew each others… This petite lady was already on her way to big things and talking about this brand that she wanted for herself. I am so proud of her and all her work as the #bossbabe of INARI, the new Sold-Out brand at Anthropoligy.com !




Meet Maggie, co-founder of INARI

forget what anyone thinks- do what makes YOU happy…

BonjourClem: Who are you?

Maggie: I’m Maggie Greenberg, co-founder of INARI and really passionate about my brand, my family, my friends and animals.

BC: What makes you proud ?

M: Creating INARI has not been an easy feat.  We have been working for almost two years on perfecting the line and we are finally shipping to stores.  I have never been more proud than when I saw four of our styles on ANTHROPOLGIE.com.  It has been a long road and we are still learning so much, but to have my team’s vision realized was truly a turning point in my career.


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BC: What’s the thing you Love the most about being You ?

M: What I love most about being me, isn’t myself per-say, but the people I surround myself with.  I consider myself so lucky to have parents who are so open-minded and fun, my boyfriend who I can lean on under any circumstance and that loves me unconditionally, and of course my friends, who provide comic relief, support and know me inside and out.

BC: Who’s your Woman inspiration ?Why ?

M: My woman inspiration is Kate Moss.  She alludes confidence, style and truly doesnt give a f*ck.  Those qualities are ones that I aspire to in my own life.  In order to be successful, its important to believe in yourself, be true to yourself and forget what anyone thinks- do what makes YOU happy.


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BC: What makes you happy ?

M: Aside from fashion, I have to say the BlackJaguarWhiteTiger foundation.  I stumbled upon their Instagram about 6 months ago and the work that Eduardo and his team do is truly special.  He is a super hero to me.  His passion for wild cat rescue and rehabilitation is so admirable.  The relationship between himself and the animals is unparalleled, and I hope to one day get the opportunity to meet him in person.  I would love to thank him for all that he does for the animals and spreading awareness on how to make the world a better place.  I encourage any animal lover to check out his foundation and show support anyway you can!

Go check Maggie’s cool brand, INARI !

Happy Inspired Wednesday ! 

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