LifeStyle – Home à la Française


During my trip to Europe this past summer, I got to stay at Mum’s house in the South of France. She recently opened a Bed&Breakfast and I was a Guinea Pig. Pretty awesome I must say.

She always had that sense of Style and attention to detail that made her an Amazing host. With time she developped a love and talent for DIY activities that are now part of her everyday life.

Everything in the house is Home-made, from the jams to the cabinet and sheet sets. She has a passion for Antique stores and Fleas where she does most of her shopping. Every piece she buys is then re-furbished to her taste, à la française. When it comes to food, we do not joke around either. All dishes served are home made with locally sourced products. Every meal I had was served with a different table setting in various areas of the house. Needless to say I got spoiled.

What I love the most about this house is that eventhough I didn’t grow up in it, It feels like it belonged to us forever and I look forward to my kids creating memories in it.

Visit Mum’s page on Airbnb HERE !












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