In the backstage of the All Woman Project




 I love how Women are now a force to be reckoned with and most importantly THE main target for pretty much all existing brands, artists and publications. Not only are we the main attraction, the trending word, the most coveted customer and object of desire but we’re also freaking finally making our way to the major positions of power. The most influential people today are Women.


As a producer and president of the All Woman Project, a charity geared towards women empowerment and development of self-esteem in young girls, I want to show that girls and women working together are stronger and more powerful then ever. I love spending all my energy, money and time on projects that are women centric and for some of them exclusively powered by women. I believe in helping each other and lifting each other up, I believe in positive discrimination because for so long, women have not been given the same opportunities as men and I’d like to make up for lost time.


Women representation of strength and success is extremely important as our younger girls need to see some successful women leaders in order to aspire to be one later. While not all women are made to be a boss, it is key that strong powerful women take the lead and show that them too demand respect and command attention just like men do.


Women are the now. Girls are the future. We need to empower Women so that they can inspire girls and we shall never stop focusing on our girls because they will be our bright, fair, strong, smart Future!

All images by @lesmijotes for @allwomanproject 
This post was made in partnership with Uber. 



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