Happy New Year !


this morning my back haches and I know this year I have to stop. Stop lying to myself saying that I don’t need to take time off for my body. Saying that I am ok with working all day. I just have to stop and go back to what I know I need, what I know is right for me.

I stopped practicing yoga a year and a half ago when I first started my company and since then my body is letting me know I need to go back. I pushed my mum to practice, even my dad started after feeling immediate relief after his first session… Yoga at any size and with any physical condition is possible and will affect your body positively, I am not even talking about the positive, mentally relieving effects it will have on you moral…


My favorite place to practice yoga is on the beach. That’s where I had my first ever class back in Miami, and that’s where I feel the most whole. I suggest it very highly if you’ve never tried. No mat necessary, just you and the sand, with the waves in the background.

Miami is where I shot in my favorite yoga wear from Beyond Yoga. I love this company because they love women, not only for their spending power but for everything they are including diverse and not perfect. Inclusivity and selflove is something thats matters for Beyond Yoga and that’s why they matter for me!


The “Spacedye Take Me Higher Long Legging” are literally the best, most comfortable and softest leggings I have ever tried in and out of the yoga mat! They’re also ideal for lounging on the couch, dog walking and any day to day activities!


I can hear some of you asking me about this awesome print I am wearing on top. This one-piece swimsuit is from Cynthia Rowley. It’s my fave but it’s a couple of years old now so I doubt you can still find it anywhere… However you can find a selection of her best suits and more here!

Let me know what you guys shop when it comes to yoga wear and most importantly what’s your plans to make 2017 a better year for yourself ?



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