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Portrait: Heather Hazzan


My name is Heather Hazzan, alias: The Illusionist (Have you seen my Snapchat?). I was born about 24 years ago (Well don’t expect me to tell you if this is my “model age” or my real age!) next door to the CIA. I’m still paranoid that there are hidden cameras everywhere. Just kidding. *Cough* Kind of. *Cough* My parents are Chaz, the fierce businessman in DC, and Holly, the carefree vineyard property manager in Napa. I have one sibling named Haley who is a blonde babe with a huge heart and currently double majoring abroad in Australia! My family is pretty freakin’ insane and spread out and sometimes I wish they were normal and closer! But thank the universe that travel is so major in my life. I live somewhere between my soul and body (Everyone sing it now, “Where souuuulll meeettss booodyyy!” Oh, no Death Cab fans past 2007? Fine.) Sometimes I should slap myself. 

I love crisp, white wine at night in the summer, as well as dancing on the steps of Red Rocks Amphitheatre all night with the live music, and fresh mountain air, and energized people. Also, I must admit I absolutely have a (not so) odd (girl) crush on Emily Ratajkowski!

I would describe myself as being an introvert to such an extent that it makes me feel unsociable sometimes. My friends say I am more of a mystery, whereas my family thinks I am such a recluse! I have secrets… But one I can share with you is that I’m obsessed with calculus. My school time was pretty rough (hello, 5:20 am alarm, four basketball games a weekend, and lunches in the library!) but I’m totally past that era in my life! Now I feel so free!

I started as a competitive basketball player. Now, I have a bunch of different activities including modeling, taking photos, and hosting online video chats focused on healthy body image and eating disorder recovery. My favorite one is my time talking with girls, even though it’s definitely not the most lucrative! I do what I love and love what I do. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough about it. It’s not always a feeling of contentment being me. I recently traveled to Austin for about a week and it was fucking rad, y’all! I felt so rejuvenated, and I got to spend time with my college roommate and family! Traveling is tiring, but oh-so-worth it for me. My favorite and most memorable time was when I traveled to four different countries in Europe with my best friend in the world. I will never forget that!

As a model, my career started with being really unnaturally skinny in Arizona. I was miserable at that time. My dream was to make a difference in people’s lives and I definitely was not at that time. It was all about me and my calories and my workouts. The plus size industry saved me. You can be beautiful and healthy and work and inspire at your natural size. Modeling taught me to be business savvy as well as not to take things personally. If I hadn’t chose this years ago, I would have probably become an engineer and eventually been overcome with boredom and starved for meaning. I have no regrets. This industry is diversifying, and I believe it will continue to do so. It is just the beginning. 

I met @BonjourClem for the first time in a tiny, fluorescent-light-lit agency bathroom. I instantly thought she was an intimidating French Goddess — even in that horrible lighting! Then, later on I thought she was the sweetest, goofiest, most down to earth natural beauty to walk this planet. A true gem. I feel really honored about being the first interviewee for This interview is really super-funky and random and I totally dug it!

Stay tuned for more about Heather Hazzan and her amazing work on the Google hangouts !

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