Clem Goes : Yellowstone Park


My Dad and I wanted to meet in the Yellowstone for a while now. It finally happened last Spring and it was Beyond Amazing. Let me take you for a tour where the Magic Happens …




The Yellowstone Park is situated in the middle of nowhere as we say. And that’s what’s Good ! Be prepared to change flights often, wait a lot and sit a little while. Once you get to the closest airport, Bozeman, just forget Wifi and 4G for most servers. Wait, you are almost there … This Wild Paradise is nestled at the border of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho in West Yellowstone about 2hrs dirt road away from Bozeman airport. Welcome to Bear City !

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We rented the biggest SUV we could think of and I had a blast on those crooked roads ! We finally got to our “luxury camp” and settled for the next 6 nights. This place is out of an Indiana Jones movie. Mountain on one side, river on the other and an amazing silence in between. Welcome to Under the Canvas Lodge: no electricity (yes for real…) but a real king size bed and separate private bathroom in a tipi …





Yellowstone is all about what’s inside the Park. From sunrise to sunset and from South to North. Take a right at the end of the road and enbark for a colorful road full of Bisons and fabulous geysers. Take a left and be prepared for the Wildest beasts in the West including foxes, wolves, and even bears if you are a lucky camper …




Want to know more about The Yellowstone ? Visit the Official Website !

Want to stay at Under The Canvas ? Visit their Website !

Need help from a Pro to organize your trip ? Call Jennifer from World Connection and tell her about Clem ! 😉


Enjoy your Voyage !


Xoxo, Clem




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