Clem Goes : Swedish Country Side


Because the Landscape, because the Food, because the People… Because Sweden is an amazing land, it hosts really amazing diamonds in the rough just like this adorable Bed&Breakfast I was lucky enough to say at for a couple days while there for work.



Mellbyklockargård is only a few minutes walk from miles long wild beaches, in the middle of Stenshuvuds National Park. From there you can explore the country riding a scooter or a bike or just stay around this Swedish heaven and walk your way to pottery ateliers, barns and farms, horse ranches, small markets and other vegetables gardens …



The hosts will make you feel at home instantly, their home is yours for the time of your stay. Morning Yoga, early run by the beach, reading in the shades, gardening and sometimes photoshoots, are daily activities at the B&B







Of course my absolute favorite part of the stay was the great, farm based, home-made food we were served. Swedish people are hot people, period. Strong, healthy and chill. I bet it comes from their food! Now take a look at that kitchen…




In their diet, nothing is left aside except processed food in general. A lot of fish (smoked or steamed), cold cuts, cheeses. Food is mainly consumed raw like nuts, fruits and vegetables…etc.


Presentation is always simple and beautiful, which I believe helps this feeling of feel good, look good I have when eating at a Swedes table.

The B&B doesn’t offer a dinner option, but you can walk to one of the best place I had dinner at this year, Blåsingsborgs Gårdshotell. Their dinner menu changes everyday depending on what’s fresh in the farms around the area. You can basically choose from Fish, Meat or Veggie when you book and just trust them for the rest. The food is high in tastes and flavors and fresher than fresh… The bread on stick that they serve to munch on might be the best bread I have ever tasted and I am French… 😉



When it comes to Style, simplicity and minimalism is a staple. My team was in 50 Shades of Grey playing with superpositions. Men or Women, they all scored some major Fashion points without even trying. Their relaxed and funky attitude makes Swedes some of the best people to work and have fun with.

Of course, on my way back I stopped at MONKI to get some Funky cheap Swedish Fashion, ACNE for some minimalism and &OtherStories for some Swedes exclusives not sold in U.S stores.


Xoxo, Clem


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