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Bonjour Park Slope !


SPRING. Such a beautiful word and time of the year. Sun, light, rebirth, flowers, allergies and strollers… This almost forgotten time finally came back this weekend after a long… very long… way too long… freezing winter! This weekend was also the re-openning of most of the outside fleas in the city and in BK; I love fleas! It’s awesome. Like… I am happy! Big time! To me it’s one of the best places to go people watch as well as find awesome new designers and things. One of my fave things about fleas is trucks. Food trucks, pops trucks, clothes trucks… I love everything that comes on wheels 😉

After visiting the inside flea in Willy all winter, today I went closer to home in the Park Slope neighborhood. This place is awesome under the sun. Cafes, restaurants, cheap shops, and speciality stores as well as a lot of families (which includes dogs and strollers in numerous amounts). I love the intimate feel of this area– not as trendy as Willy, but way more homey to me.

I started by checking out the farmers market section all around the kids’ square. Amazing food shopping if you don’t mind the screaming kids and mums’ conversations. Everything is fresh straight from somewhere not further than 50 miles from BK. People are smiling, talking and… just being human. That’s mainly how you know SPRING is here. Winter makes people grumpier. My fave shop there was the SOHHA Yogurt one with amazing babaganoush, hummus, and other mediteranean dressings. All dairy free. Oui Oui 😉

I crossed the street on 5th ave/3rd st to check out the specials of the day at ‘S nice cafe. Very chill little vegetarian place open all day where you can enjoy vegan food deliciously (delishhhhh) made. It’s so good that someone who is not a vegan at all, like me, will love it and come again! Check out the fresh drinks menu too with juices and teas. The outdoor area is free sitting so get there quickly and don’t leave! The view is perfect, and the feeling is like having brunch with friends in your own garden, with a lot of guests you don’t know. If you feel more like a good fresh beer on Sunday morning, that’s fine too. Check out The Gate on the other corner of 5th ave/3rd st! They have more than 15 types of beers on tap and a similar outside area. The feel is a little bit more grown-up (no strollers or pregnant women for sure), but very homey still and comfy!

Going up 3rd st, passing by the historical brownstones, and witnessing a 3yo freckly-ginger-cutie-pie fall on her face while running after her doggie, I get to 7th ave and continue to feed my fleas hunger with some really cool shops. Furnitures look good… bummer my roomate already made our nest full like Le Louvres! I’ll have to pass and just admire. OH LALA, I see a tiny Ice Cream truck. I get close. It’s a mobile Popsicle shop by People’sPops ! … (See how much I love Pops here). I got Plum-Jasmine. I die!

My Pop and I make our way down to the Mobile Vintage Shops section (on the curve of course). Coast to Coats Vintage first. The little funky caravan offers an awesome selection of sunnies, dresses, shoes. and purses… the colors pop… it’s heaven (for petite women only tho…)! The owners, a cute couple, are super friendly and will nicely share their roadtrip stories with you! The website is really well made too. I wanna buy it all. I found one of my fave stationary brands in the caravan: HARTLAND BROOKLYN. Love the bananas and flamingos! Then the Pop and I stop next door at the frenchy-named caravan, La Poubelle Vintage. The caravan is tiny but full and the clothes are cute. What attracted me really is the name! She tells me that unless you are french speaking, you do not get the play on words. She also says the French just don’t think it’s a good name…Boring Frenchies! I think this name is smart (The Vintage Trash Can). Vintage is trash for some, treasure for others! Worth checking out.

The Sun is still shining at 430pm. This is SPRING! I love it! Enjoy every moment of it, winter will be back anytime soon!

Check this cool piece from Refinery29 about things to check out in BK.

See you soon in the neighborhood!

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‘S nice, 315 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
The Gate, 321 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
People’s Pops, all the cool fleas around the City and BK !
Coast to Coast Vintage, mobile vintage shop.
Hartland Brooklyn, every cool stationary shop.

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