Summer is here. Get out there. Try new things. Be Happy !


In Brooklyn Bridge Park, facing the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan. Clearly, I came for the view. Little did I care about Amber Wagner, Jamie Barton, Russell Thomas,  rising stars of the Opera who came to sing for us tonight…

I never thought I would be the type of person to love Opera. Even the idea of going to sit and listen to Opera for two hours sounds a tiny bit crazy, but I loved it. I am hooked and I cannot wait to go again ! The voices I heard tonight still resonate inside me, I feel tranquil and at peace, focused on that special moment.

How beautiful it is to be inspired, especially by something you never thought was inspiring before. How amazing it feels to be transported by something you thought would bore you before. How great it is to find yourself Happy because you chose not to assume anymore, but to be open and try things for yourself.

Music, movies or theater , the City is full of surprises ! Find the right one for you… And did I mention most of all this is Free ?!?


Visit The Metropolitan Opera’s website for the Summer Program as well as the Season’s Program.

Visit NYCGO’s website for the full program of all free activities in NYC this summer ( And Also L.A , Cleveland, New Orleans and much more online…)




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