Clem Goes : Milano, la Misteriosa


My work as a model recently brought me to Milan. Multiple times. I am so grateful and happy about that especially since it’s an awesome city to explore for Bonjourclem. Of course, the food aspect of the city was my main focus, but there’s actually so much more to it… Follow me !


As I was exploring the city (under the rain), the architecture is the first thing that stroke me. Milano has this old city charm. Just like some city I grew up in France. If you look up, you can easily feel like nothing has changed for centuries… The colors of the buildings were pretty awesome and all different.


After walking a few hours thru those mysterious streets it was way time for Food ! My first stop was Cafe Manzoni, a little mom and pops cafe, full of authenticity on Via Manzoni. My order was plenty…

Wine – Amarone Della Valpolicella – Delicious wine from Veneto, Italia. Robust yet delicate.

Appetizer – Fresh Buratta with assorted cheeses and sausage, crunchy ciabatta – the burrata was a dream.

Main – Fresh tagliatelle, porcini mushrooms – for those who still wonder, yes homemade pastas make a difference!


Right in front of the cafe is Dmagazine: A dope outlet where you can find pieces used from this season’s fashion shoots or showroom pieces that are not needed anymore. Men and Women alike. I found myself getting lost in this Ali Baba cavern for over an hour. Coming out with a $150 pair of Saint Laurent ballerina flats…


This city is full of History you can enjoy at every corner. Most of what’s to see is architectural. From houses to Cathedrals and even malls are Amazing to the eye.


After an amazing afternoon I headed back to my hotel and quickly looked for some delicious for dinner before a good night of sleep and an early call time the next day. My first choice was Oscar, right around the corner. Every website’s best rated place in the area. But they wouldn’t let me sit before another 2 hours… I am hungry !

My second options was a couple blocks away. B-Next is where I am heading. This whole in the wall is serving freshly imported Sardinian specialties. I went to the island a few years ago and it was one of my best foodie experiences… I knew that could only be right! Here’s what went down…

Wine: Mamuthone , for only €9 ($11). This “limited edition” wine (only 200 bottles produced) was some of the best red I have ever had. Really tasty and easy to drink. Best remedy I know for Jetlag issues…

Sardinian Tapas:

Taglieri, for € 10 per person.  This beautiful and filled to capacity wooden plate of cold cuts and cheeses , is of the absolute best type. Fresh and 100% Sardinian. t doesn’t really get any better than that.  It comes with pickled zucchini in olive oil (still perfectly crunch) as well as different types of bread and some Sardinian olives. The parmesan was an absolute treat.

Casatina, for about $11 a piece. This cheesy pie, specialty made for B-Next by some friends and family back in Sardinia, is simply toasted in the panini maker for a couple minutes and is served with some Sardinian raw organic honey. Amazing.



Observing the show happening before my eyes that night was just as pleasant as the food. I was the only foreign person and the only other table. All the people in the restaurant were here as a group to celebrate a girl’s 26th birthday. The atmosphere was sexy and playful, I couldn’t really tell which couples were dating, which were just friends. Women were négligé chic, very similar to the French style I know. Men were impeccable, very Italian, everything was matching and their attitude was Casanova like. I loved everything about that night, especially the friendly and goofy staff prepping my delicious food… I was off to bed after a very late and unexpected stop to a random ice cream place around the corner from my hotel to make sure I got some delicious Yogurt ice cream in my belly for a good night sleep…



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