Clem Goes: Happy Chinese New Year !


Happy Chinese New Year,

Yesterday was a freezing cold but beautiful day in Downtown New York as Chinese people celebrated New Year. I decided t pay them a visit in Chinatown for a petit reportage express… Of course, taking this as an excuse for a Dumplings Feast at Nom Wah Tea Parlor !



Chinatown is always and Forever a very colorful area of New York City. The condensed amount of culture and the multitude of foreign smells and sounds make it a perfect destination for a quick day trip to Wonderland… Yesterday was the Chinese New Year and be sure I made the best of it !



On my way to celebration time – by that I mean finally visiting the oldest dim sum place in NYC, Nom Wah Tea Parlor – there was crowds, kids running around, colorful flags and lots of confettis everywhere ! The party had started !


Right at the corner from another Chinatown Institution, Joe’s Shanghai, here is Nom Wah at the corner of Pell St and Doyers St. There’s quite a line and a number of name on the list for a 130pm seating. But when you’re just 1, you fit about anywhere ! I sat by the bar between a old Chinese lady and 2 bros coming from God knows where !



As you can see, the options were so diverse and yummy that I decided to get 1/2 of my order to go for the same night !

To Stay I started with some green tea as well as Cilantro and Scallions Rice Rolls. This thing is really gooey but interesting. The sweet sauce that tops it off makes everything. Without it, there’s really not much taste .


I also went for the Pork Soup Dumplings (that I already had tried at Joe’s Shanghai, that were awesome) because taking them to go would have been quite delicate. Besides the fact that the bottom part of it was a bit too thin and basically broke as I picked them up, the taste was there.

I used the rolls’ sauce for those babies too, but the lady next to me tried to ask for some sauces options and their answer was very poor : they basically showed her what was already on the sauce rack and that’s it. When I knew they had more options in the back ;-/

Guys, make sure your customer service is Top Notch with EVERY customer  !


Finally, the most Unhealthy, Beautiful, Magnifique bite I have had in a while… Made of Bacon, Shrimps and then Fried… The Shrimps and Bacon Rolls. Oh Man that was something. Dipped in the same brown sauce used for the rolls and dumplings. Perfection.

As I was eating I was giving a quick guilty look around me… It only lasted a second before I closed my eyes and forgot all about Guilt  ! I felt awesome. Bacon awesome ! Only $ 4,50 for 4 rolls … Yeap…Even better !


To go I grabbed some Shrimp Siu Mai, Veggie Noodles and Sausage sticky rice. Not to forget their Glorious almond cookies … It was all delish. I recommend it all !


Chinatown is an Amazing place, by all means please go and get lost ! Happy New year !




Xoxo, Clem


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