Clem Goes: Curaçao with Mum


What happens when an awesome client books you on an awesome island for your Mum’s birthday week-end? Well, you take Mum with you and make it a girl’s vacation! Follow me as I take you to a super diverse all around Amazing place!


Going to Curacao is fairly easy and cheap wether you are arriving from the US or Europe. Jet Blue has great direct flights from NYC and Miami and Lufthansa does a great job taking you there directly from Amsterdam.

For my first few days, I had the pleasure to stay with my client at this awesome house by the Papagayo Resort Club in Jan Thiel village . As per usual, the team and my girl Emma Meyer were waiting for me with the usual necessities…


After a couple of days shooting with this beauty I was ready to meet Mum who was coming all the way from France just to see me (and the Island)! I had rented a place for us to stay all the way up on the area called “Westpunt” (litterally on the West Point of the Island). Bahia Apartments and Diving is an amazing place. There’s no beach shack on this island since most of the coast is taken by big resorts. However, Bahia is the closest that it gets to a cute isolated beach shack. It’s independent, small, direct beach access (awesome for snorkeling) and even have a dive school on site as well as a bar and restaurant overlooking the beach.


Really the best choice possible I believe! Highly recommended if you’re not looking for the typical Hilton experience. If that’s your case, go to the Hilton!


From Playa Lagun (our location), the best thing to do is to go up the coast and stop at every single beach… depending on how long you stay at each one, it might take you a little while but at least you’ll get to see them all and decide for yourself which one is Your Beach!


Our favorites were the hidden beaches of Shete Boka Park where most of the images in this blog were captured by @emmaandhercamera. We also loved Playa Jeremi for her African tree and the sunset views. as well as Playa Cas Abao that is actually south of Playa Lagun and more of a large beach with lots of amenities but still amazing views and snorkeling!




For a day in the city, I suggest to take a day trip to Willemstad. Drive down the coast and park by the Queen Emma Bridge in the city (cheap easy parking) and walk on both side of the moving bridge.

On your way back from the old city, get your groceries at the floating market to cook yourself some fresh food when back at your residence. Having a kitchen while on vacay is key for me. I love to cook local flavors. 


Island shrimps

Fresh market island shrimps (peeled)

Green peas, Red onion, Garlic, Safran, Coconut Milk, Curry, Salt and Pepper.

Sautéed the peas, garlic, onion and shrimps for about 2 mns in a large pan. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cover with coconut milk and add the safran and curry to your taste. Add some red pepper flakes or fresh peppers  from the market if you like it hot. Let simmer for about 5 mns. Take off the heat and slightly cool down so the flavors have time to mix properly.

Serve with a large spoon and some sweet bread from the local bakery! Bon Appétit!


Photos by Emma Meyer @Emmaandhercamera

Clothing by @H&M and @Cynthia_Rowley 



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