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Bonjour les Filles,


This week WCW is one of the new It-Girls of the Paris scene, Miss Oriane from www.MyFashionBreak.com . I met her as she was working her first internship at Castaluna in Paris. At that time, I was shooting my first major campaign for them. We both started at the same time. I kept following her thru social medias and emails. She turned into a beautiful strong and smart woman with a very high sense of style and priorities. Her goal is to use her passion for Fashion to participate to Benin’s social and financial development.


Meet Oriane, the new French It-Girl ! 


I want to develop everything fashionable in my country Benin


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BonjourClem: Who are you?

Oriane: I’m Oriane, a Beninese fashion blogger who lives in Paris. I also study luxury communication and marketing. My dream ? Work as fashion editor for a magazine like Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue and more. What I mean by more ? Change things. I’m from Africa and I take it like a strength, I want to develop everything fashionable in my country, Benin, because nothing is done yet and I think it’s my role to do so.

BC: What makes you proud ?

O: My origins. I know I am lucky. I know some Beninese would like to have my life so I have to make them proud and show them that African, Beninese can go far. I’m proud of where I am today. I always have been addicted to everything fashion, I breathe fashion, I eat fashion, I live with fashion. I know this field is difficult and that we are too many but I know I can manage to work my way up to where I wanna be.


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BC: What’s the thing you Love the most about being You ?

O: Well, life isn’t easy and  I know there will always be people who need help. I want to help in a fashionable way because I can’t see myself doing anything else than fashion. I want to have power so I can use it to help my country.


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BC: Who’s your Woman inspiration ?Why ?

O: My mother. I’m not a person who shows her feelings and I’m sure my mother doesn’t know that but she’s the most important thing to me. She taught me so many things and I sure I wouldn’t be where I am now without her advices. In the fashion field, I have to say Olivia Palermo. I love everything about her, especially her sense of style.


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BC: What makes you happy ?

O: See my family in a good health and happy. Spending time with my friends. Shopping.


Check her actu !




Happy Inspired Wednesday ! 

Xoxo, Clem



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