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Bonjour Fashionistas,


Merideth would Literally give style to a Bear ! I say that because that’s kinda how we met … Long Story ! Let me introduce you to the pretty owner of PrettyPrettyWings.com !

She loves people and that makes her one of the best style assets you can put in your pocket. “M’ – as I call her – loves Fashion and makes it her mission to find affordable fashion for whoever she’s working with : Curvy, Skinny, Fury, Funky or Preppy, she just does it all !

I meet stylists everyday and I can tell you that it’s a rare find to have someone who understands you and gets you in order to give your own Style life ! Because it’s not about making everyone look like a “Fashionista-on-a-Fashion-Week-Run” but more about enhancing your own Style and personality thru clothes. That’s what “M” does.


Meet Merideth from PrettyPrettyWings.com 

Making people feel good makes me proud



BonjourClem:  Who are you ?

Merideth: I’m Merideth.   I’m a stylist.  I’m a writer.  I’m passionate.  I’m an artist with a creative soul.  I’m a lover.  I am a daughter and a sister.  I’m a woman.  I’m strong.

BC: What makes you proud ?

M: There’s nothing that makes me proud more than seeing my work come to fruition.  When I see my work published in a magazine or whoever, those are my proudest moments.  And it always feels like it’s the very first time.  The other moments that make me proud is when someone else is proud of me, there’s no greater feeling.  Also, when people come up to me and tell me they love my blog, or my work, or that I give them inspiration…man, there’s no better feeling.  Making people feel good makes me proud.

BC: What’s the thing you Love the most about being You ?

M: I love that I’m lots of things.  I love that I have such a full heart filled with determination and ambition.  I love that I love hard. I love that I’m a woman of God.  I love my bright and cheerful spirit that is full of smiling and laughter.

BC: Who’s your Woman inspiration ?Why ?

M: I’m inspired by all women in different ways.  There are so many beautiful, smart, intelligent, hard working, ambitious, talented, creative women, I gain inspiration through them by trying to be the best me.

BC: What makes you happy ?

M: Happiness is a choice, so I make me happy.  Everything else is icing on the cake.


Happy Inspired Wednesday !


Xoxo, Clem


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