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Bonjour Ladies! In case you’ve been hiding under the Plus-Size Fashion rock lately, you already know my friends at Gwynnie Bee ! If you don’t, no worries, head HERE to know more! If you do, you’re in the right place! 🙂

This ClemStyles summer edition brings you to one of my favorite places in the States, the Hamptons. What I like about this? The sunrise, the sunset, the Estia’s breakfast bowls and of course, THE BEACH! Follow me as I introduce you…


I love to wake up super early in Brooklyn to drive and see the sunrise in South Hampton. The Beach is amazing and the breeze always crispy cold. The colors I have seen on that beach are insane and I have never seen anything like those before. I love that, even in the crazy hot New York summer, the Hamptons beaches are never really burning hot and it’s often that I need something to keep me from the cold breeze. This denim duster is it for me: light but long and perfect to wrap it all up on the beach as I watch the sun rising on the Ocean.

Basic black swim from &OtherStories, find it in stores now.


I love visiting The Hamptons in May before memorial day when it’s still peaceful and slow. I feel like a local. The breeze is always cool and you can access any beach without permit!


After sunrises and after I recovered from my 2 and a half hour drive, I usually head to Estia’s Little Kitchen in SagHarbor for the one and only healthy and delicious breakfast in the area. Estia’s has been my go to spot since my first week-end in The Hamptons 2 years ago! It’s the perfect neighborhood spot for a local, fresh, healthy and delicious start of your day. I always go for breakfast. They open at 8am and serve a dreamy hot cocoa, winter and summer alike!


For a day date, I go for a easy, casual outfit that will make me feel comfortable and feminine all day. This flower dress is the perfect mix between girly and chic with easy colors and a flattering fit. I like to light it up a bit with my favorite summer color, sandy beige. The vest gives the outfit a little flair while it’s a perfect summer layer (you know how much I like layers, we talked about it before 😉 )

I am not too big on accessories but I am a big impulsive buyer. Last week only, I got this awesome agrumes clutch as well as a flamingo one. I mean… <3

Sand jacket at Mango / Agrumes clutch at Mango / White belt at H&M / J.crew shoes (not current)


The quality of the food is outstanding and they are really creative, mixing latin and american food perfectly


I love the super feminine sleeve details and the elastic waist that allows for a lot more fun for Brunch !


Side note, if you want to find more summer looks from my curration, head to my picks on the Gwynnie Bee website

>>> THAT WAY! 



I love to go from the restaurant to the beach, to drinks and back to the restaurant without having to change it all up! I am very practical and like to keep it simple with some flair and always a nice attention to details . This floral dress is so light and airy. It’s the perfect one to wear to the beach. The classic shape and colors instantly give you this cute French girl look, even when wet and salty! 



This hat is not only super chic it’s also a real summer hat! My face is 100% covered so I stay away from the sun and avoid those unwanted sunburns while strolling on the boardwalk


Hat by H&M / Cuff by Banana Republic / Earing by Mango /



I love wearing statement jewelry after the beach, for a drink or two in Montauk! Head to Surf Lodge to meet the cool kids stay on the beach and enjoy a glass of wine for sunset


After the beach, I like to head to Montauk for an afternoon snack at the LUNCH Lobster Shack! Oh boy this place is so good in so many ways! I love the atmosphere there. Everything looks so original! Nothing has changed since they opened back in 1965. The classic Lobster Roll is an obvious choice. I like mine hot served in butter with a hot bun (gluten free available). Dreamy!

Necklace at Mango / Sweater at H&M /  Cuff by Banana Republic


The perfect mix between crayon dress and the week-end jog pants

 I am in love with this Melissa Mc Carty crayon skirt! It keeps me stylish during the day for a lobster lunch break with a sweater and flats. It’s also an easy dress up with a black bodysuit and heels for a fancy dinner in East Hamptons. I love a high waisted skirt. I feel supported and my belly is magically tucked away!


Paul’s Famous Seafood Chilly is famous for a good reason! It’s crack in a bowl and served with a handful of tortilla chips. The dish itself is a trip. First, figure out how to eat it!

Scarf at Mango / Dress at Gwynnie Bee /  Shoes at J.Crew


This stripe dress is the perfect little summer night dress. Chic and navy, not too long, not too short, it’s a date night kinda dress.


I love mixing patterns. I think it’s a really cool thing to do! Here I am throwing some heavy prints and bright colors to complement the classic lines of the dress. My headscarf is bright orange and sky blues, it reminds me of my mum Hermes scarves she was wearing when I was a kid.


I fold the scarf in half to obtain a triangle and roll it all the way. I start with putting the scarf on top of my head with both ends hanging down in the back. I cross the ends at the back of my neck and tie the ends back on top my head in a tight little bow. Voila!

Side note, if you want to find more summer looks from my curration, head to my picks on the Gwynnie Bee website

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Find all the Summer Fashion you need on Gwynnie Bee closet! Enjoy! 

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    I’m in love with the swimsuit ! And also the skirt. Pretty much every thing.

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      You can find all the shopping above the main image ! The suit is &OtherStories and you can find the skirt at Gwynnie Bee, it’s by Melissa Mc Carthy

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