Clem Styles: Layers and Prints


Bonjour Lovelies!  I am so pumped to introduce you to my latest collab’ with my friends at GwynnieBee, a online destination on a mission to provide a service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitations! When you LOVE fashion and a lot of it, why buy when you can rent and get new pieces every week ?


Enough said, let me show you what I picked in the Gwynnie Bee Super Closet (OMG it’s Gigantic Ladies!)


Since we are almost already transitioning to lovely Spring (yes we are, come on… don’t kill my vibe! it’s been hot lately in NYC!), I decided to work in layers to show some versatility. Whether it’s 30F or 70F those pieces are ideal ! Take a look !


Who said curvy women couldn’t do prints ? Small or big, prints are a must in anyone’s closet. They give you life, attitude and add a pinch of salt to any classic wardrobe!

The Geometric Prints Swing Dress from Alice&You is such an easy fit! Short but not too short, with a perfect swing to it. It’s perfect for every season and the long sleeves are so flattering! I am in love !


Layering is my thing. Not only it’s stylish, but it’s smart ! That way I know I am always at the right temperature! A short sleeves jacket on top of a long sleeves dress is always a good idea.  You can easily add a dress up coat or even your everyday coat without feeling too snug, while keeping your body warm!


When I have a lot going on with prints on top of prints, like it’s the case here, I put my hair up in messy bun or a low bun. It keeps everything classy and clean.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry because I feel like it’s too fancy for me sometimes. However when I do, I make sure it makes sense with my outfit, color wise.

With warm tones, I always choose gold or pink gold jewelry. With colder ones, I go for silver. That way, no fashion faux-pas ! I love the white pearls details here, it gives Life to this outfit and compliment it perfectly!


I am not into heels. Clearly. However, when I got out, I love funky heels. Those two toned warm orange and black heels are on point with my outfit and are just high enough to still be comfortable!

When going out in heels, make sure you pack a pair of ballerina flats in your bag to avoid looking funny, walking in heels after a few drinks…


I am a fan of a the “thrown on the shoulders” jacket. It’s so classy and sexy ! However it’s not an easy one if you plan on taking a walk. The jacket WILL fall down so plan accordingly. Ideal for dinner or drinks inside or outside!


The Black Key Hole dress by Karen Kane has an amazing feel on the skin and a perfect A shape that makes it a perfect fit on any silhouette.




This is so versatile you can wear it uptown girl with heels and a nice coat, or you can go for a more downtown version of it with a leather jacket and some boots ! It fits any mood or personality!


I love a statement earring that blends with my long messy hair, it pushes the Rock’n’Roll attitude an extra step further!


Some good quality leather boots are a must to dress down any outfit while keeping it chic!


This cool purse gives me all the 90’s feel I am looking for here ! Who said curvy women couldn’t do small bags ?



Find all sorts of Geometric prints online on Gwynnie Bee’s closet !

See more images on The Hive !


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Xoxo, Clem



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