Clem Picks : The Grand Tour Wicker Camera by Kate Spade NYC


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So I recently bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3i to take awesome pics for Since I received it, I have been obessesd with finding the perfect cute bag for it. Those who know me also know that there’s no way I’ll use the regular camera bag or not use a bag because I am so clumsy; I would probably break my camera after a few hours!

I have been walking around the city a lot, and I passed the Kate Spade shop in Soho about a dozen times, seeing this awesomely cute camera-like bag in the window (The Grand Tour Wicker Camera by Kate Spade NYC ). I am not familiar with Kate Spade and was kind of afraid to go in because of how pricey it looked.

After doing my reserach on prices and styles, I am still totally obsessed with this adorable purse and cannot think about anything else for my new camera! Now… will my camera fit inside it? That’s what I am about to find out this week 😉

Lesson: Do not waste weeks thinking that something is unattainable, just go, figure things out, and act up on it! It works for bags but also for any life situation!

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