Clem Picks : MOSAERT by Stromae


Alors on Danse !


When I moved to the States about 3 years ago, the song that was at the top of the charts in France was “Alors on danse” by Stromae. I was surprised to find the same song playing in all the clubs down in Miami. And everyone was singing “Alors on danse tatalalalalall…” without even really knowing what it was all about. Why would they? This young artist from Belgium was just getting his buzz going in France, and already the whole World was dancing to his beats!

I always loved Stromae’s look before I even listened to his genius sound. A couple days ago, and after a second absolutely delightful album, he launched his own clothing line. His style is so unique and emblematic of his music and personality. MOSAERT, as he called the newborn brand, is a fine mix between ethnic fabrics and Dandy style. It reminds me of the OH SO talented Solange Knowles’ style.

The quality is top notch, and the socks and polos are all cotton-based and perfectly finished. The price point is totally affordable. You’ll spend about $90 for the polos and $17 for a pair of those cool ass high socks! Let’s talk about the choice of models for a sec… The brand made the choice of the diversity in all (almost) shapes, colors, and sizes. The models are not only  beautiful but they have very strong and one-of-a-kind faces, which I think is a genius move. I love how MOSAERT plays on a fully unisex collection, making sense with the personality and look of Stromae (Check his new album) !


Dansez maintenant !

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