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I remember the 1st time Enfant Sauvage‘s pictures came out on my Facebook feed. I was like YEAH MAN! I met Chrystelle, the manager of the brand, about 2 years ago. She was looking for a new exciting Fashion adventure. When I saw she was working on Enfant Sauvage, I knew she found the right project!

Enfant Sauvage is street wear brand created by two yound independant designers from Paris (they chose to remain anonymous). Their troubled childhood pushed them to express themselves through fashion street wear. The etymology of the brands refers to the legend of Remus and Romulus, twin founders of Rome, abandoned by their own mother at birth and raised by a female wolf.

The designers say “I was born in the street, raised by the street, my values and philosophy come from the street.  I will die in the street. I am an Enfant Sauvage ( = Wild Child)!” These words refer to an very famous French rap song by IAM, “Ca vient de la rue”.  

The brand’s aim is to be a symbol for all young kids, teenagers, and adults who have been left to themselves at an early age. This premature autonomy is their strength and uniqueness. They became graffiti artists, rappers, or tattoo artists… followers of street art in the open and rebel spirit.

I am totally in LOVE with the kids collection! I love the beanies also! Even more dope when you know the story behind the words and the brand identity. I want to be an Enfant Sauvage too Man! Yeah!



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