ClemStyles: Cuba with Almé Paris


Cuba is one of those places you spend a life wondering about because it holds History and a heavy dose of Glamour and Drama. So one day you decide that you just have to go and find out what’s up in Cuba and why it is so special…

I left New York for the island with a suitcase full, excited to use this Cuba as my backdrop for my upcoming summer posts. When arriving in the insane city of Havana, I shot some of my favorite pieces from Almé Paris, the up and coming new Frenchy brand offering Parisian style to all shapes and sizes!

They ship to the US and pretty much everywhere so visit the site and use my code CLEM20 for an immediate 20% off your shopping! Go check it out now and come at me with all your questions about style, sizes, etc…


Jeans “Plaisance” / Kimono ” Gabe” / Shoes Zara / Top Aerie


On this all black outfit, I am bringing Downtown style to Trinidad, Cuba. My favorite city on the island. The color, the people, the music. Everything feels like a party. I am in love!



Top “Jess” / Pants “Larry” / Backpack TOBI

For more Cuba travel tips, stay tuned or email me directly




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