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There’s some experiences in life that make you grow into a woman. A first grown up paycheck, a first meeting at the bank for a housing loan, a first great adulthood heartbreak… We are all different and unique so this list can be long but one thing that I am now sure of is that a bra fitting can change your life and bring you the confidence and charisma you were still looking for to call yourself a grown ass woman. Yeah.


Chantelle invited me to a full service bra fitting in their cute boudoir inside Bloomingdales on the Upper East Side. I already had a fitting experience with them about a year ago when I was preparing my daring interview with @Stylelikeyou and their #whatsunderneathproject that was sponsored by the brand (read more here). It did change my life for the better. And here’s why…

When fitting, you realize how wrong you are when wearing this trashy push-up and how needy you are when it comes to bra advices. You realize your breast is more than just a major asset on Tinder. Your breast is probably fuller than you expected and shaped in such a unique way that only a pro like my new friend Amanda, at Chantelle would know how to dress it up. Yes, dress it up is what we do here. Just like a personal stylist, Amanda asked me what I like and don’t like about my breast, in what shape do I feel the most comfortable in (not hot in, that comes later). She learnt as much as possible about my life habits so she can run and find the best fits for my lifestyle and figure. And the woman is pretty impressive. She knew my size by just looking at me and picked all the right pieces. The one in which I can work a full day on set changing a 100 times, the one that I can go to the gym with, the one that I need under my white tee, the one I want with my summer dress and of course the one my man will like the most 😉 In about only 15mns I feel like she knows me better than I know myself.

I wanted to introduce you to the woman herself and to how she really feels about fitting, breast, bras and everything in between. Meet Amanda, bra expert at Chantelle. You can call the Chantelle hotline and get a free fitting…

Read this and pick up your phone. Now.

Meet Amanda

 without the right foundation, it cannot maintain it’s structure

BonjourClem: When did you experience your first bra fitting ?
Amanda: My first fitting experience was at age 19, when I first started working in the Lingerie Department at Saks.

BC: What impact did the experience had on you ?
A: I was young and like most women at 20 yrs old, I did not realize the importance of being fitted correctly by a fitter and how it could change the look of my clothes and how it makes me feel. Women should not feel like they have to wait until their 20’s to be fitted.

BC: What is your personal favorite Chantelle bra ?
A: My personal and current favorite Chantelle bra is Revele Moi #1571 4-part cup,as I am 32DDD and the fit feel and look is absolutely amazing.It gives a great shape for any figure type and has great coverage and uplift,but still is sexy and beautiful.
BC: What advice would you give women for them to feel the most confident with their figure ?
A: I would have to say that feeling beautiful is a state of mind and how you feel about yourself at any size. From a personal point of view, my body has changed tremendously at age 46 from childbirth and weight gain etc. However, the lingerie industry has come a long way with having sizes for all body types and women should not be afraid of what size they are or are fitted into. They should focus on how it makes them feel and look under clothing, as it is of the utmost importance.
BC: What’s the best reaction to a fitting that you ever witnessed?
A: After fitting for over 25 yrs, I have experienced all of those emotions and it’s an empowering experience for me, as a fitter and a woman. I love it when I see other women happy. The best experience is a woman who lost her breast due to double mastectomy and didn’t feel at her best with her reconstructive surgery. However, after being fitted into the right Chantelle bra and seeing how she looked in her clothing and that she was still very much a woman who can feel sexy and beautiful, she felt good again, and that was amazing for me. It was an enlightening experience, we both cried.
BC: How would you describe Chantelle’s lingerie ?
A: Chantelle Lingerie offers lingerie for women of all sizes and body types.The company empowers them to be who they are or would like to be and makes them feel beautiful.
Chantelle’s focus on fit, comfort, quality and maintaining its French Allure, has been timeless and will continue to focus on dressing the women all over the world.

*Fun Fact – another word for lingerie that was used in the past is “Foundations” and I think it’s the perfect description of what best describes a lingerie wardrobe.
I say to women to think of a building ” without the right foundation, it cannot maintain it’s structure.” Same goes for our lingerie wardrobe, without the right bras and undergarments, no matter what designer or how expensive the outfit, it cannot look and feel as it should.

Next week, I will present you my top 5 must have bras ! Because the right closet starts with right bras in it !

Call the Chantelle fit expert hotline to book your free fitting close to you 1-800-272-7078

Xoxo, Clem



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