Clem wears: The perfect bra wardrobe, at Home with Chantelle


As I told you last week (see post here), if there’s one important thing in your wardrobe it has to be your bras. Having the right bras for the right piece of clothe is the secret to posture, style and confidence, all together.

This week, let me show you my perfect bra wardrobe: 5 bras that are an absolute must for me and are also some of my favorite for they pair comfort, style and fit! You too can win your personal fitting and perfect bra wardrobe from Chantelle (up to $500 to shop on their website) if you play with me ! You can find all the infos right HERE !

For this one, I take you back to my home where I have been playing around in my kitchen wearing my favorite Chantelle bras ! 😉

Weather I am staying home working on or, traveling to Europe or being on set as a model, what I need is some great fitted, über comfortable bras. Who doesn’t ?! Those two T-shirt bras are the best I have tried so far and are making me feel supported and hot from the office to the fashion sets all over the Globe. I can bet they are perfect for you too. Try them on and tell me what you think !

Mademoiselle Memory Foam T-Shirt Bra







C Ideal Full Coverage Plunge T-shirt Bra


thumb_IMG_0142_1024 thumb_IMG_0146_1024 thumb_IMG_0158_1024

Eventhough I have been experiencing lately with some brown or grey sets, my favorite color for underwear is still black.  I am basic and I love what’s chic and easy. I also love lace because it’s the sexiest to suggest under a white t-shirt or button-down shirt. Those next 3 bras have a very flattering fit, a great support and most importantly a super sexy look. Here come the boyfriend’s favorites 😉

Illusion Unlined Seamless Underwire Bra 

 thumb_IMG_0269_1024 thumb_IMG_0266_1024 thumb_IMG_0261_1024


Révéle Moi 4 part Bra 

thumb_IMG_0074_1024  thumb_IMG_0092_1024 thumb_IMG_0095_1024 thumb_IMG_0067_1024 thumb_IMG_0065_1024

Merci Demi Bra



thumb_IMG_0230_1024 thumb_IMG_0171_1024   thumb_IMG_0164_1024

 If you too like to play around in your underwear then join me in the Fit revolution and go get a fitting ! I coudn’t stress enough how it changed my life and my posture for the best. Plus, it’s free so there’s no reason not to go !

Schedule your fitting next to your home NOW ! 


Xoxo, Clem



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