Clem Wears: French Girl Style made easy!


What I learned about being a Frenchie in America is that every girl wanna be one. Why? Because apparently we have natural style, sexyness and slim bodies … Oui oui… Of course! Well actually no! Just like assuming all Argentinians dance tango like goddesses or all Australians are surf masters and have a kangaroo bestie …

“Clichés” about French girls are funny to me. As well as the “Dress like a French girl” style tips made by all American women. So here is my definition of the “French Girl Style”, styled by a Frenchie shot by my friend Rafael Clemente for !


TIP 1 / Keep the make-up Natural… 

DAY: it’s about highlighting your natural beauty, not covering everything that makes you, you. French women focus on what they have and are not trying to create what they don’t have. Contouring is for Kim, really. During the day, the Frenchie is sticking to Mascara (Always black.Stop playing around), blush (fits your complexion) a bold lip (mostly red) for the good days and concealer (no panda eyes please). Give your brows (natural and fluffy) a little brushing before heading out and that’s it. Hair will just be Bed-Hair (actual bed-hair not products based bed-hair) or quickly pinned in a very messy “Chignon” (up-do).

The French woman doesn’t really dedicate time to hair and make-up in the morning. This is a very far priority after morning sex, coffee and first “cigarette”…

_MG_5864-EditStyling: Vintage Mum’s “béret” / Cuyana oversized alpaca top / Fashion District wedding gloves /

NIGHT: At night she will darken her eyes to make sure they drawn in whoever dares looking into them. She won’t touch the lips (only chopstick) if she colors the eyes and vice versa. Red lips only go with bare eyes, unless you work at Moulin Rouge… She will make sure her skin is still flawless and just use some dry shampoo for a quick bathroom hair fix before dinner…

_MG_6425-2Styling: Custom-made shirt / Mango blazer /


TIP 2/ Don’t be basic wearing basics … (tricky, I know…) 


A/ Wear MEN’s clothes.

They have better details, last longer and will make you look cooler than any woman’s clothes ever could. Here’s the thing, French women are not tomboys. They use masculine clothes to accentuate their sex-appeal and make sure all men out there know they have the control on their own body and most importantly they DIDN’T try to make any kind of frivolous effort to please them. Men, be aware they will steal your clothes if you choose to let them in for the night …

_MG_6489Styling: Custom-made shirt / Mango blazer / Ann Taylor pants /


B/ A story of “Accessoires” : Few. Statements.

The French do not overload to show off their wealth or their “Fashion” sense. They wear few, minimal pieces that speak pretty loud. A Cartier watch from your Mum, a large hat or a pair of expensive couture heels. Most jewelry will remain very discrete and stay forever or very loud, unique and stay for the night.

_MG_5766Styling: Zara hat / Vintage silk shirt / Mackage Leather / Eileen Fisher leather pants /


C/ Wear a Story, not just a basic …

On the daily (or so), choose one piece that not only is a statement but tells a story. It’s usually a great Vintage piece or a family piece given by Granny or Mummy. Maybe it’s the love bracelet you never took off since he proposed or even the 1st worn-to-death designer bag you ever got for yourself !

_MG_6501Styling : Ann Taylor shirt / Vintage YSL blazer / Current Elliott jeans / Steve Madden boots /


TIP 3 /  You’re only as good as your underwear are… (Mum said)

The French might have a café-cigarette-cheese breath and look a bit messy… But one thing they do not play with is undies. “Lingerie” is a word that comes up everyday in the life of a Frenchie. We think about it in the morning ( NO we don’t wear miss-matching undies passed high-school … ). We have the best local choices like Chantelle, Aubade, Chantal Thomas and more… Good thing is that those brands are all available online or at Bloomies …


_MG_6583-2 Styling: Vintage fur coat / Étam Lingerie /

TIP 4/ The Attitude is everything …

The French wears what she wants, how she wants it and is absolutely unapologetic. Yes, she smokes and will accuse you to go against basic human rights if you try to keep her from doing so. Yes, she’s spending way to much on shoes and not enough on yoga sessions, but she WILL convince you that Channel gives her all the well-being she needs …

The French Woman is honest, strong, independent and mostly, an absolute complaining bitch. She is very sensitive with a penchant for drama and will always be the sexiest in the room even when she’s wearing flats. She’s the one you love to hate, the one who’s laugh makes you laugh and speaks about food while she eats. In some weird ways, and because she does it all in style and with so much confidence it will freak Kanye out , the French is a cool sassy bitchy lady who doesn’t need make-up or loud labels to feel like she owns the streets.

_MG_5626Styling: Vintage silk shirt / Ann Taylor pants / Vince Camuto shoes /


As much as I have been trying to convince myself that I was not like this “cliché” of the French Woman, I must admit that I am. My “Cheri” keeps reminding me how much of a complaining and demanding French woman I am and also how much he loves me for it …


For more modern twists on the Frenchie, read How to be a ParisianWherever you are  ! I loved the book, I laughed so much I almost peed my pants ! 

miniclem Credits: Photos by Rafael Clemente / Header  Newsletter by Rachel Saddedine / Hair&Make-Up by Alyssa Lorraine / Styled by Bonjourclem 


Xoxo, Clem


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