ClemWears: ELLOS in Coney Island


Giiiiiirl ! This city is something else! We’ve been waiting forever for Summer to start but now it’s a furnace and not much else to but going to do explore the beach, for a day, for a week (forever)…Whichever suits your lifestyle! I took my bestie @BaillieRiddell with me and we decided to take a break from the sweaty city and go eat…in Coney!



Getting to Coney Island on the train is so easy and so fun as you get to cross all Brooklyn mostly above ground! It’s so much nicer then underground!

The first step is always the food stop. Nothing worst then an empty stomach on the beach, isn’t it? My personal fave is the corndog (corn obsessed over here!) and Baillie’s the hot dog (like… i didn’t even got a bite)! We also ordered way more because you want to make sure you taste it all!


We went super casual in our favorite Ellos jeans shorts and tees. Baillie loves white shorts, I love denim and Ooobviously I chose the stripes…cause I am French! Shop our outfits HERE.


After we were nice and full we went for a nice playdate on the beach just chasing birds and being silly in our super cute cover-ups. I looove them and i never have enough of them. I feel so much chicer with that cute black and white piece on!


When the sun hits, Baillie and I are never shy to show off and rock any type of suit. The beach is where we feel the best and belly, stretch marks and other details magazines ask you to get rid of before summer, are our assets to look our best and be ourselves! No shame in our game!


 When comes the evening it’s time for drinks and games! Silly Silly girls we are, right ? A pop of color is what we need to get this party started! Deep orange is Obviously my color (Duh) and Baillie loves her blues, that match her eyes (I know, lucky girl!)! She’s making this Tie-Dye look chicer with a cute hat and sandals!


If most of our nights as friends are made of TV shows and yummy home-made dishes, this one is all about silly games and awesome summer memories! The perfect girls’ day-date outside of the city.

Want to get all the looks now to look as cute as we do on the beach next week-end? Go check out ELLOS’s sales page! It’s now, it’s fresh and it can be yours!

Come check out my Instagram page for a chance to win $250 gift card to get those pieces (or any other) !



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