Clem Wears: Casual-chic black and white summer essentials


Summer is just hitting the ground running and New York is becoming the {best} city in the World (minus the humidity, minus the hot subway trains, minus the sweaty people…)!

I rounded up some early summer essentials that are casual and chic, to take you from office to happy hour to early morning stroll in the park. It’s all about essentials.

I love jumpers and i own about 20 of them. What’s easier than a jumper in the morning, when the last thing you need to worry about is your outfit? Pick one, DONE.

Then, you can get on your merry way, worrying about real things like, why’s the Nanny late again? Clean up Fiddo’s impromptu morning pee on the carpet, finish up your morning smoothie and of course, picking the right shade of lipstick to go with the jumper!

I always wanted white jeans. I remember turning 10 yo and planning my birthday bash at the local McDonald’s (because at the time, it was SO SO cool). My mum asked me what I wanted to wear for this special day and I said i wanted a white sleeveless trucker jacket and a white pair of denim. Mum did not quite agree with my choice (especially since I was – still am – a messy kid that can’t keep her clothes clean more than one meal) but she went for it. That was a dream come true.

I found my new ideal pair in this cut off, ripped, mono-striped EXPRESS pair. So chic and so special in a yet minimalistic way. Perfect with a white oversize shirt (shop here) and a sexy detail (notice the Vichy print bra-swim under the shirt?). French Women love slightly see thru shirts. Pretending we don’t know it is see thru and we don’t know we’re being sexy is what we do best (with messy hair of course).

Stay in touch as I will blog about summer outfits all summer (JUNE-JULY-AUG)! You don’t want to miss the next one!



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