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Beth Ditto just announced her forthcoming plus-size clothing line!


In celebration of this news, Beth has collaborated with longtime friend Jean Paul Gaultier on a limited edition Tee. A “trompe l’oeil” that features a front and back print of Gaultier’s iconic bullet bra corset (Yes Madonna’s…) on an oversize dress-length T-shirt, with an adjustable corset laces on the back. I got to play with it today and let me tell you it gets all the attention and Love you think it does 😉

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“Jean Paul is the most generous, positive person, he truly loves women of all sizes and ages and knows how to make everyone feel gorgeous. I love that this shirt is funny and chic at the same time, like all the best people!”



“Big girls are beautiful and Beth is super beautiful! Long live the beauty with shapes, boobs and bottoms. This is a new concept, a loose fit corset. And Beth fits it perfectly.”



Even though Jean-Paul Gaultier is one of the trailblazers of the Fashion Industry, putting Beth and other plus-size beauties like Crystal Renn and Velvet D’Amour on the runways, it’s the first time a JPG piece will be available up to a size US30 !


And I am so pumped about this because I am in Love with Beth attitude and have been a JPG fan since as long as I can remember. It’s an amazing initial tie between the booming plus-size Industry and the ever-so-chic French haute-couture. This is revolutionary and shows that the two are not incompatible like The French often want to let us think.


Due out this February, Beth’s self-titled collection will feature current styling with a vintage flair. The focus is on vibrant prints and well-tailored pieces, with silks, rayons and embroidery that are frequently missing from plus-size lines. Beth is no stranger to the struggle of plus-sized women to find fashionable clothes that fit, she says

“This line is by us, for us, period. It’s my lifelong dream to get to design real clothes for big people, clothes that are comfortable and cool!”



The Beth Ditto ♥ Jean Paul Gaultier shirt is available exclusively at

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Girls Rock Camp Foundation.

[ Sizes are quite inclusives and a size 1 (that I am wearing) could fit up to a size US18/20]

Keep in touch with Beth and let her know how you like it and how you style it! ♥

Beth Ditto on Instagram twitter 


Xoxo, Clem


Beth Ditto ♥  JPG



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    aurore alby

    Bonjour, je suis française et aime avoir un de ces tee shirts Gaultier…
    Merci de me dire comment faire…
    Je fais un 36/38 français…

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