Clem Wears: Beach Side Denim


As promised back in June, here’s another Fashion story for your summer! As the sales hit and the deals are everywhere and literally overwhelming, here’s some good tips on how to get and rock our favorite basic ever – Denim!

I went shopping on  and took advantage of those BOGO deals they have going on!


What I really enjoyed while shopping online at Express is that I could finally see the products on different figures. Small butt, bigger butt, it really helps me being able to imagine how it will look like on me. For having worked with the brand before, I would advice to order a size up for non-skinny fits.

Jeans have this ability to make us feel all kind ways. Sexy, badass, casual and chic depending on the cut, shape and wash. Here’s my select, one for each mood.

I love a white denim! I think it’s the perfect mix of casual and chic. I was telling you the story of my first white denim last month in our last post and this month I couldn’t help by give you another option. Cleaner, more chic and less “fashion” then the first one.

I paired this pair of denim with a simple cotton stripe shirt. I love playing with “ton sur ton” and muted colors. I love how underrated it is and how well it goes with the sand color 🙂

For the days you feel like kicking asses and not give a F*** what your butt looks like and who’s watching, try the High Waisted Girlfriend ! That’s what I wear most days 🙂 I guess that’s how I also feel most of the time! I don’t care who’s watching, I am just trying to get where I am going next in style and the most comfortable way possible! Check that one out!

I love that Shirt Dress with stripes ( I got it in all black as well, who doesn’t need one of those?)! From beach cover-up to dinner and office, it’s literally a do it all!


My Jeans crush this month is the Red Striped Leggings! So unique and chic!


I love that white shirt that’s always a much needed in any one’s closet! I have about 5 of them because I am a messy eater and I can’t keep one clean more then a day! I know ugh!


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