Clem Shops : A Sexy solution for chubby thighs !


Bonjour Chubby Ladies


Here is a status that caught my attention recently on facebook :

I would love to wear short skirts and dresses, but the way my thighs are setup…‪#‎chafing‬ ‪#‎chubrub‬ ‪#‎thunderthighs‬

With those warmer days, we are all craving flowy dresses, shorts and minis… Whatever our size is. The chubby thighs with the absence of thigh gap are hurting real bad, I myself even end up bleeding after a full day bare legs…Enough to turn an amazing sunny day into hell !

As I was surfing for solutions to this bummer, I ended up on a post by my girl @LizBlack for @Refinery29 ! This is by far the sexiest and most fun way to deal with chubby thighs ! No more grandma’s spanx. No more bleedings. As I speak I am ordering my first pair and will let you know how it goes ! Please leave me your comments and let me know how do You deal with this !

Read the full interview from founder of Bandelettes, here:


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