Clem Picks : COS “Collection of Style”


Dear Fashionistas,


News is actually News even when it’s “old news” !

Too much individuals I run into actually are not aware that COS opened its first Flagship Store in the US at the beginning of December 2014 in SoHo ( 129 Spring Street) ! So here it is late bloomers, just as its style, the COS store is very minimalistic and sleek ; expect to pass it a couple times before you actually notice it (or look for a line of Japanese customers forming on the sidewalk between Greene and Wooster St).



The Mecca for Scandinavian Chic is open and strong with some ever changing new products featured. As expected by the fashionistas, the styles are sleek: simple colors with epic cuts and killer details ! The products are fairly priced for the good quality offered (think Zara like prices for way better products and materials).


For those who have been living under a Rock or just Not-In-Europe for the past 10 years, make sure you know that COS is a older sister to Giant H&M just like the also new in Soho “& Other Stories…”  !



I can hear someone saying Swede Fashion is taking over … Hell Yeah ! And it’s not my new fave ACNE that is gonna deny that statement ! Go check their new killer pieces online!

Shop Shop Shop !




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