Clem meets: PHYLYDA, resort wear for all.


I love meeting designers that are all about change. Bright and talented people who are dedicated enough to make our Industry stronger and better. Lydia Maurer at Phylyda is just that. A talented, passionate individual who sees the World diverse and the Women empowered and happy.


Lydia graduated Studio Berçot in Paris and perfected her craft alongside some of the best Fashion houses in the World starting her career designing for Yves Saint Laurent, Rue du Mail, and Givenchy. She became creative director for Paco Rabanne in 2012, bringing a new spirit of femininity and modernity to the highly creative Parisian label. In 2015, Maurer moved to Berlin to create Phylyda.


The brand has a very distinctive, strong and colorful palette and looks like a pure novelty in the boring, repetitive world of swimsuits. Pairing aesthetically-driven designs with fit-focused techniques and technologies, each item in Phylyda’s collection is customizable and current.


Fine-tailored and thoughtfully constructed, Phylyda uses Italian fabrics and materials in an array of exotic colors, all fast-drying and SPF 50 protected.


Select styles are laser cut, bonded, seamed, and feature caffeine microencapsulation to enhance skin texture while lounging.


Maurer did not take any short cut and studied all body types so that most women would find their perfect fit at Phylyda. Because one doesn’t fit all, she personalized her designs to fit curvy, tall, petite…All with the same quality and attention to detail.


Read more about Maurer’s creative process straight from the source as she answers our questions on her way back to Paris!

BonjourClem: Why did you decide to work for all figures ? What motivated you? You come from high-end Parisian fashion, how was it working for such brands ? Is that the reason why you wanted more inclusivity ?

Working for luxury maisons in Paris for over 10 years, I strongly felt that there was a disconnect between the beauty of the designs and their wearability for the client. Sizing is so limited and proportions so stylized… Growing more mature, it felt increasingly wrong to design pieces that may contribute to women feeling their bodies are inadequate. I’m half Latina so in my family I have an aunt with large hips but with a super petite chest, or my cousin or mom with large chests and practically no hip. Women each have their unique silhouette and I decided that if I was serious about creating a brand of my own, it would have to embrace difference and be an act of kindness toward women. I wanted to put my craft to good use and offer considered and beautifully finished designs to as many female silhouettes as possible.

BC: What’s your creative process? What inspires you ?

I’m inspired by people. All my pieces have been designed with a certain woman in mind. These kind souls and memories involving them are what I construct the collection around. It’s very much a voyage of my mind in which shapes come together with technique and the more sensuous ingredients: fabric textures, prints and colours. This is all underpinned by my deep commitment to function; I aim to bring out the best in each silhouette, adding techniques from traditional lingerie crafting to bonding and ultra sound welding wherever most effective and this is why I test the pieces on a number of different women. Fittings are where the pieces come to life; it’s all about movement and making you feel good.


I am in love with multiple designs and I cannot wait to wear them next year. Available starting November on their website, they will start at $200+ for a set and will carry up to size US18/42F. I am obsessed with the warm tones and sexy prints. It might be the first time I really am excited about some swim coming up in my size! Chic, Smart and Sexy, my curves couldn’t be any happier!

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Xoxo, Clem


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