Clem Meets : Kirby, the cool kid !


Bonjour !

Please meet my Girl Kirby Cernosek ! Cool kid and new Team member with @Bonjourclem ! Love her … Those Hair tho!



My name is Kirby Cernosek, alias Kirby.  I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas about 24 years ago.

My parents are conservative and traditional.  My family is pretty freakin’ Southern and sometimes I wish they were closer!  Uncertainty is so major in my life. I live somewhere between being a sweet southern belle and a rough and tough New Yorker. Sometimes I annoy myself.

I would describe myself as being very sarcastic to such an extent that it makes me feel mean and misunderstood sometimes. My friends say I am more laidback whereas my family thinks I am such a bitch!  I have secrets… But one I can share with you is that I told James Franco to sign my asshole… Shhhhhh…!





I love being naked at night in the summer, as well as dancing to reggae songs all night with myself.  I hate when random dudes come up to you in the club and try to rub their dicks on you!  I must admit I absolutely have an odd crush on Adrien Brody, though it’s not that odd… I’m all about the nose!  When I was a kid I dreamed about being famous and often I thought I was exceptionally fat… But now I am an adult and I can say my goal in life is to maximize every situation and push all boundaries without question or concern. 

I started as naïve and uncultured. Now, I have a bunch of different ideas and passions including using my gifts and creativity within the fashion world and to bring real awareness about domestic violence, sexism, and human trafficking. My favorite one is a mix of both even though it’s definitely not the most obvious comparison, but it would be amazing to find more feminism and human rights within the fashion industry and use beauty to empower not exploit!  I do what I love and I love what I do. Sometimes I feel unsure about it. It’s not always easy to be me. I recently traveled from Texas because I was home visiting and it was fucking awful getting back to NYC! I felt so cramped on the plane with people practically lying in my lap and hitting my knees and was once again reminded of how I just do not fit the size mold and how cheap airline companies are and despite all the discomfort I would never dream of paying more for first class because then they would be winning… okay, I actually dream of flying first class a lot… #biggirlproblems.





I consider myself an intellectual and hope to be a voice for my generation. My career started with several odd jobs like passing out flyers in Times Square. I was (and still am) eager, very hard working, and unashamed at that time. My ambition was to become successful as a model and I feel like I am on to something. This taught me to be persistent as well as not to sit around and wait for God to do His work, He needs you to move!  If I hadn’t chosen this years ago I would have probably stayed in Texas and eventually gotten pregnant five times and become miserable. I have no regrets

My life so far has been tough but exciting and I am ready to start seeing even more opportunities. New York is such a fucked up city. It changed me, but for the better I think. My favorite and most memorable time in New York was when a woman came into the restaurant I was working at, at the time.  She is from Australia and was on the last part of her trip around the world.  She came in so excited to be back around English speaking people and demanded a burger and a beer.  We talked a bit and I was fascinated by her bravery and wanted to know her story.  She was still there when I got off work so I offered to take her around Manhattan and into Queens where I lived.  We got coffee and talked about our lives.  It was an instant friendship and not something that would happen anywhere else except in New York.  I will never forget that!

I met @BonjourClem on a model job where we both shot together for Amiiee Clothing. I instantly thought she was lovely and was excited to meet her. Then, later on I thought there is much more behind her beauty and frecklesI chose to be a contributor for for I love Clemi and all the things her website represents and hope to bring forth a cool perspective.


I really wanted to pursue music and acting even though I truly love working as a model. I am super passionate about food, fashion, and finding myself!  I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll!

This interview is really fun and got me thinking and I totally dig it!


miniclemBeannie and Long Necklace “mama-maid”

miniclemCross necklace by James Avery / Layered necklace at Union Square Market / Graduation ring at Texas A&M Univ.

miniclemCoat by New York & Co.  

miniclemShoes by Nicole at DSW

miniclemBoyfriend Jeans by Target 

miniclemTop by Wet Seal 

miniclemBra by H&M

miniclemShades by ASOS

miniclemLipstick Stain by Stila 


Xoxo, Clem



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