Clem does Fashion Week – Tracy Reese


Bonjour Ladies,

Today I take you with me on one very special day, where I got to work my first fashion show for awesome designer Tracy Reese! If you don’t know her brand yet go check her out! She is launching extended sizes of her existing designs for us, curvy ladies. She’s very active in the fashion community and is a leader in terms of diversity. Her show featured so many amazing women, from Doctors to CEOs, dancers and musicians. She’s showing a real care and love for All Women, and that’s what I love!

A first fashion show can be stressful. However with a little preparation, everything goes smoothly. For me, it starts with a good night sleep, I am practically useless under 8 hours of sleep. I am a big sleepy head and I love my bed, or any comfortable, nap friendly area, really.

I start my day early enough so I have time to stretch my body and do a little Yoga. I just want to get my blood flowing and make sure my body is flexible and ready to handle a long day of Fashion crazy.

The most relaxing activity after sleep is cooking. I love it and that’s usually what I do when I am not working. It makes me feel at ease, gets my creativity going and makes me feel content.

Video by @lesmijotes




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