Clem Wears : Fall Fashion, B&W basics


A little Belly Never Killed Nobody…


Autumn is right around the corner in New York City and I am getting excited because Fall Fashion is my personal Fav !But the weather is still great out there and it is still time to show a bit of skin and start to layer our goodies !

I bought those pieces at the begining of the Summer, wore them in Germany, England and France and I am planning to wear them all thru the Fall and maybe some of this Winter. Basics and good LAYERING material is key.


I choose my basics plain and simple with great cuts and textures.

faveiconI love this white cropped top from @MANGO (SALES). It shows a lil belly and has a boxy cool shape.

faveiconThose classy pants are from @AnnTaylor  (-40%)  and have cool leather details on the front pockets as well as an elastic waist band that actually looks great. No pregnancy pants here 😉

faveiconThe shoes are my Summer touch, @Zara baby blue sandals. I will quickly switch it up for some cool bright loathers or leather booties that I recently shopped at @JCREW (More to come on those babies soon!)


Of course, a fresh haircut always makes any outfit look way better than it really is check my own personal One and Only right HERE !





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