Clem Goes : MAYSVILLE in Midtown


Bonjour Midtown !


Midtown is never the place I chose to hangout, but it’s always the place I end up being because my agency, MUSE NYC, is there. Until a few months ago I was always just passing by. In and Out. Recently though, I have seen this area growing into a very attractive and trendy neigborhood where cute boutiques and nice restaurants are opening up! Beware Soho!

Last month after a stop at the agency, I decided to have lunch with my Mum at MAYSVILLE. The restaurant is about 4 doors from MUSE so it’s a ideal for me. It was about 3pm, and we were the only ones there. Perfect occasion to test my new camera out. The place has a grey store front and a very Old, Fancy, Southern-Style decor inside. Paintings of horses and a full whisky bar awaits you. Our hostess was very nice and attentive. She even agreed to charge my phone behind her desk which fewer and fewer restaurants authorize now…God knows why!  We sat down at the window bar so we could people watch (no better activity in NYC).

After explaning the Southern Cuisine basics to Mum (Grits?), we ordered Iced Teas, the Fried Chicken & Kale Salad, and the Crispy Grits Country Ham & Bourbon Aioli. The salad came first and dispaeared just as quick as it came. I didn’t even have time to snap a pic! The kale was crisp and fresh without being too hard to chew and the fried chicken was juicy and so tender we simply had to get the last tiny bits at the bottom of the very fancy wooden bowl in which the dish was served. Delish ! I love fine fried food (yes, it does exist)!

A couple minutes after we destroyed the salad, along came the Crispy Grits. “Hold on!” I said. Picture first! 😉 The bartender came and checked on us a couple times. He was funny and very friendly. He let me take all the pictures I needed and even posed for some! Mum asked me if he was a “Hipster”… Oui. She just discovered that term and now thinks all the beard wearing guys are “Hipsters”…which is not too farfetched! About the Grits… I am litterally addicted to buttery, cheddary grits. If it was up to my belly, I would have that every single morning! So having that deep fried (yum) with a smoked, finely sliced piece of country ham inside it… Just close your eyes for a second and enjoy…Yes, there you go.

Verdict? That was an awesome quick fix for fine Southern Comfort Food! In the heart of one of the most surpising New York areas in the middle of everything. While you are there, stop by one of my fave vintage shops right in front of the restaurant, CROSSROADS Trading CO !


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