Clem Goes : La Palourdiere, Bouzigues, South of France


View. Taste. Local.


This is a GEM like no other. An amazing reclude place that you will never find in a book or on any foreign guide. This is THE place to be if you pass by this Amazing French region. My whole family lives about 20 miles away and I just discovered that place… Please let me take you on a trip to La Palourdiere.



My family and I were on a boat trip where my Dad mentioned this awesome place that I HAVE TO feature on ! They have a tiny abandoned fishermen pier when you can leave your boat while lunching. If you are driving please follow directions on the website since it might not be in any GPS.

The place is perched on top of a tiny cliff overviewing the Etang de Thau. The view is Amazing and Dreamy. What you see are Oysters Cultures. Same way of doing things since forever. That’s why it tastes so good.

The service is young, fun and helpful. I cannot guarantee that any one here speaks French OR that they even have an English Menu…but after all, isn’t it an even better reason to visit ? Trust me, EVERYTHING IS GOOD. Order anything.


Collage Bouzigues


The local “Maison” Reds Roses and Whites are awesome and cheap. Just go for it. They are locally produced and well picked. As an apetizer we ordered Stuffed Mussels as well as Oysters from this very Etang de Thau. Both were AMAZING, tasty, fresh, juicy. We ended up re ordering the Mussels…

La Macaronnade de la Mer (Pasta dish with 2 different fish filets, shrimps, calamari, clams, mussels and fresh crab in an fishy creamy sauce) was so big it could have been splited between at least 2 hungry eaters, very tasty experience ! The Gambas Flambees a la Provencale (Glazed King Prawns with Provencal Sauce) were an enchantment for my palate. The sauce is made with cream and Pastis (herbal liquor, anis taste). Sweet, Tasty, Juicy tender Giant Prawns… Heaven. La Bourride a la Setoise (white fish with a mixed veggies and cream mix sauce) was unpleasant to look at but really delicate and delish to taste. The fish was perfectly cooked which is so rare even in France.

Of course the homemade croutons and Rouille to accompany all that were Amazing.

For dessert, we were enchanted by Le Café Gourmand (Gournet Coffee) with your choice of coffee or tea acompanied by a smaller portion of most of the desserts on the menu ;-). Petit et Parfait !

To resume this long déjeuné (3hrs around the table, French Way), we were all satisfied and so Happy to be there. This was a A+ experience all along. I cannot wait to go back home and do it again !

Experience 10/10

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