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In New York City, there is Little Italy, but there’s also EATALY ! This little culinary paradise for Italian delight’s lovers, nestled in the heart of Midtown, is right between the Flatiron and Madison Square Park!

Whether you want to learn how to cook a 5 course meal for next Christmas, need freshly made pastas to impress your Cheri, or just want to taste the best Italian cheeses and wines pairings… there’s only one adress : 200 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010 !

When I am desperate for a real Ristretto, I visit Eatlaly. When I crave a pizza, I visit Eataly. When I need a holiday, I visit Eataly! Yeah, I visit a lot! To me (European who always lived 2hrs away from Italy but never visited), this is one of the top foodie shopping destinations in NYC. The colors, the smells, and the noise transport me to a now far away country. When I walk through the aisles full of way-too-expensive products… I am still only thinking about cooking all of those beautifully assorted goods…

When my family was visiting, I, of course, took them there and we had the best Italian lunch we have had in a while. The green lasagnas, sweet italian sausage, mushrooms and basil pizza were a must. The wines were Reds, strong yet delicate on the palate. Perefct for a late breakfast at 11:30AM ! 😉 After our bellys went totally nuts over Tiramisu, I took them to the pasta area where they were still making fresh ravioli and spaghetti! The simple but precise process of pasta making is just fascinating to me. I couldn’t look away!

After some fresh pasta, a few pestos, and a couple of reds, we had to leave before my wallet started a strike against my spending habits … Ciao Bella Italia. See you soon ;-0

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