Clem Eats: TALDE, Park Slope


In the trendy and poppin’ neighborhood of Park Slope, you will find many attractive local eats, but the one you NEED to try even if you have to travel a while (Like, from the city for example) is TALDE. The baby of chef DALE TALDE will surprise you but also create a 4th of July in your mouth.

It’s packed. Yes, you might wait a while but the cocktails are the bomb, especially if you like it hot. Get an order of Pretzel Dumplings, start a tab and wait  for a booth, my personal favorite.


Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 7.20.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-17 at 7.20.29 PM

As you seat down, please take a second to let the server talk to you about the menu and do ask questions… I remember hearing the guy describing the oysters and bacon Pad Thai and it just made me want to go nuts and order the whole menu. Which we actually did…Almost… It is that good.


The flavors are strong, the products are fresh and there is more then enough choices for all tastes. However, there’s no substitutions so don’t go and ask for a Pad Thai with no bacon or some Wings with the sauce on the side, TALDE is a full experience, take it or leave it I would say …

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Here’s a teaser with the BRUNCH menu… Go ahead, click on it, I know you want it !

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 6.56.51 PM

Take a bite…



Some of the best finger food I have ever had. I grew up in Northern France, close to Germany where we used to have pretzel with pork sausages and mustard. Biting in those dumplings made me remember those times. The Asian flavors of the dish start inside. It’s a perfect mix between Oriental and Occidental flavors. Loved it !

VIETNAMESE CREPE – country ham, shrimp, Nuoc Nom dipping sauce $12


Those are the real deal. I spent most of my teenage years in a Vietnamese restaurant (working but mostly eating) and I remember that the crepe was one of my favorite treats. This little fat bouchée is a must try appetizer. However, do not pick if you are on a first date, this will get messy… and that’s the best part of it I suppose !

KUNG PAO CHICKEN WINGS & WAFFLES – coconut brown butter syrup $15


This is how TALDE executes this iconic Soul Food staple that is Chicken and Waffles. I must say I was un-impressed with the waffles that were good. Nothing more. But boy let me tell you this award winning fried chicken is worth the try! Spicy and Sweet, the perfect combo for some Asian American Fried Chicken. It reminded me of some really good Korean Fried Chicken I had a few months ago in Korean Town. YUM!



Madame, Monsieur, let me introduce you to The Ultimate Pad Thai.

I had this dish twice in the same week, once for Dinner, once for Brunch. I am a bit peculiar with my seafood. The oyster already has quite a fatty texture to me so adding the fried dough around it was not the most delicate of the experiences. I left them for my dinner date that night. The second time around, I had the pleasure to eat it with a fried egg on top instead of the oysters and that, my friend, was a great freakin’ Pad Thai. But really, what makes the dish is the BACON. The BACON added to the traditional flavors of the dish made it just unforgettable. Definitely one of the best Pad Thai I have had in NYC and most likely the most surprising!


Portions are controlled and for that matter, ordering plenty of appetizers and entrees for 4+ people is the best option. In a place like this, you have to wrap your head around the idea that sharing is caring. As you get to taste more than one dish, you will be thankful I suggested that. My only regret is that my belly can’t handle enough food at once. The bright side is that I’ll be back soon and I am looking for a partner in crime to taste more goodies … 

BACON makes everything better. Thank you TALDE for such a great experience.

From the same Inspired People who made TALDE, go on and try other venues in BK !

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Xoxo, Clem


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