Clem Eats : Pacificana Dumplings


Bonjour Hungry Birds !


Winter is striking harder than ever and what I am craving right about now is warm, yummy, sticky, pretty Dumplings !

So of course there’s Chinatown in The City but there’s also Chinatown in Brooklyn and this is where I headed.

 Welcome to Pacificana, Sunset Park. A staple of Dumplings, Chinese Brooklyn style !

Quiet hard to locate (at the corner of 55th and 8th ave, on 55th, 2nd floor), quiet shocking at first if it’s your first time in an original dumpling place. Don’t expect some really warm welcome committee or service, not too much explaining on the menu either. Just know it’s good and go with the flow…


I would advice getting some tea for the table and wait for the food to come to you… and it will come, and come again.

Trays of dumplings will start swinging by you, I would suggest asking what’s in it, if you even care (response will most likely be “shrimps” “pork” or “chicken”) or just take one order of everything that looks tasty to you!


– If dumplings is not your addiction, you can also get some non-dumplings items that will be made to order and brought to your table in the next 15mns –

Each single side contains about 3-5 pieces and cost $2.5 to $6. So no worries here, just let yourself go and enjoy the ride, the bill will never be a stress. Be aware that just like most establishments in Chinatown, they only accept cash. There’s an ATM downstairs just in case !


Once you are happy and stuffed, try to get yourself down to Chinatown, and shop for some cheap groceries before heading home !

Bon Appetit !

Pacificana Restaurant
813 55th Street & 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 871-2880



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