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Bonjour les Gourmands,   Welcome to Maman , the newest, coolest, nicest Frenchie place in town ! Not only Maman looks cute, but she’s also hot and toasty and makes some of the best buttery treats in The City. Maman also wants the best for you and so offers some healthy and original lunches to make sure you get your daily greens. Maman is everything you need and beyond. IMG_7227

What I love the most about Maman ? Their #FondueNights … Book a seat on the next one for a full experience (HERE)  !



Meet Elisa; Maman‘s most charming owner! 


 Many just dream, but you need to do.



BonjourClem : What’s your story ? Why and how did you come up with the idea of Maman Elisa: I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and grew up with many influences from my father who was an entrepreneur & my mother who was a stay at home mom. From lemonade stands & bake sales on the street corner to starting a pretty big ebay business by the time I was 12, I always dreamed and knew I was going to work for myself one day! Out of high school, I had dreams to pursue fashion & marketing so studied fashion business & fell in love with the PR & Event Planning side of things. That then lead me into various positions working on store & line launches, fashion shows etc. With my experience in events, I was then called upon to help out on personal events for friends and family which lead me to something I loved… weddings. I was fortunate enough to learn under one of Montreal’s top wedding planners and gained great guidance and experience, however in the back of my mind my passion for baking always came through, so I was able to find a way to incorporate the both and co-founded Sweet Expressions, where we would provide custom confectionary goodies & sweet tables for events and weddings. Benjamin Sormonte (co-owner of Maman & boyfriend) met during that time and among our first few dates he mentioned his dream was to open a restaurant and mine a bakery. I knew big things were to happen…. Ben was working as a lawyer, and myself still in fashion, weddings & catering both decided that it was time to start living our dreams so a while later, we both decided to quit our jobs, leave the country and follow our passion. Good friends of ours who are the founders of worldwide Experimental Group, were opening a beach restaurant & wedding venue in Ibiza which presented the perfect opportunity for us to pursue both our passions, start a new experience and be able to work together and most importantly for our selves. We parterned up with the experimental group and opened & ran Experimental Beach  for 2 years where along the way we got hands on experience in the restaurant industry & I was able to design and plan 50+ beautiful beach weddings. Overall, The concept of Maman was always a childhood dream of mine. I grew up loving to bake and later in life being a coffee addict and always had a dream to open a small coffee shop & bakery, however I always envisioned it in the small suburb town of Toronto I grew up in, never in NYC, but if you can make it here…. BC : What is your inspiration as an Entrepreneur ?  E: Ironic to the name, most of my entrepreneurial inspiration was from my father. He is my a creative business man himself always with projects on the go & encouraged me from a young age to always pursue my dreams and never follow the crowd. With his help & support, I always to follow in his footsteps his foot steps opening bake stands on the sidewalk on weekends, selling hand made craft projects, to starting a very lucrative ebay business at the age of 12. BC: Why the name Maman E: Maman (meaning mother in french) was inspired by all of our mothers. Although my dad provided me with the business skills, I have my mom to thank for the skills in the kitchen! When we were brainstorming a name, we all had the same vision in mind and knew that we wanted the concept to make you feel like you are at home and create a warm welcoming atmosphere. All three of us collectively agreed that our love for the kitchen stems from our mothers and grandmothers – so we couldn’t have thought of a better name and a tribute to our ‘maman’s’ BC : What was your vision when you first started Maman ? What are the future developments you see for Maman ?  E: It is very exciting to see all my dreams and visions become reality. To go from creating inspirational Pinterest boards to seeing my creations on Pinterest it is very exciting. We do plan on expanding and actually have a second location in the works right now along with other concepts (PAPA POULE  just opened right after this Interview !) . We are also expanding with our events as it is also a passion of mine we are creating some beautiful wedding showers, baby showers (perfectly suitable for the name), birthday’s etc. We offer a beautiful cozy intimate space seating 24, so the opportunities BC : A word for all the entrepreneurs-to-be reading ?  E: Follow your dreams – as corny as that sounds, if you have a vision and a passion, pursue it & trust yourself. Many just dream, but you need to do. I have so many friends who have 9 to 5 desk jobs they hate, don’t like the city they are in & have huge talent and dreams but are afraid to take that leap of faith. I jumped from city to city to follow dreams (and a guy) and never was scared of the future. I accepted every opportunity and learned from every challenge and don’t regret a thing as every step along the way brought me to where I am today. Also – be prepared to never sleep. It all sounds glorious owning your own companies, your own hours etc. but it is ALOT of hard work. There have been many sleepless nights, long hours & no personal time. It really becomes your entire life, but if it is something you love to do and are passionate about it, it makes it all worthwhile in the end! Wanna read more about the awesome couple of Maman ? Go check their couple’s interview one TTS’ website ! Cute ! See you soon at @_Mamannyc _

Xoxo, Clem 

*Pictures by C.Stack and Bonjourclem.


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