Clem Cooks : Winter Green Soup


Dear Snow Flakes


Winter is definitely here in New York ! I made my first soup of the season last week and here is how it went down …

My thing is to use whatever is in the fridge when I cook. I don’t really do groceries thinking about what I am gonna cook, I just improvise with what needs to be eaten. This time around my roomie had bought way too much greens for her own sake so we needed to deal with those babies first before they turned bad. What better way than a Homemade Green Soup ?


winter soup


Ingredients – for 4

Scallions – 4 pc / Broccoli – 2 big pc / Turnip -1 / Spinach – 1 box /Butter – 1/4 stick / Heavy Cream – 1 cup / Shredded Cheese – 1 cup / Salt & Pepper / Crushed Red Peppers / Basil & Sage / MAGGI mix – 1 tea spoon /

Prep time : 10/15 mns

ingredients soup


1/ Cut and throw all greens in a big pot. Cover then with water.

2/ Add 2 spoons of “MAGGI” powder ( basically any chicken or beef  based flavoring powder is fine…But MAGGI is better!)

3/ Start mixing the veggies. Half way add 1/4 stick of butter and 1 cup of cream. Mix until fully blended.

4. Add cheese and spices. Mix again. Done.


miniclem If you like chunks in your soup cut veggies bigger and forget about the last mixing step.

miniclemMAGGI mix is a French product that you might not find everywhere but it’s worth a little effort. You can also use it in any sauce like gravy types.

miniclemReplace the Shredded cheddar by some goat cheese for stronger cheesy flavors ! yum !

miniclemSoups work with any veggies. There’s just no shortage of soup recipes ! Have fun !

miniclemMake more, make jars ! Once closed, put the jars in water for boiling. 1 mns is enough to make sure you can keep them and give them away to friends and family or just keep it for later !



Xoxo, Clem


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